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DC Unlimted – Hawkman, Batgirl, and Flash

New 52? NU 52? The New DCU? Well, whatever you want to call it, it looks like it’s here to stay. Now, being a lifelong DC comics reader, you can bet I had some serious apprehensions about it all.  I’ve realized, though, that after reading it for a year now, it’s not so bad. In fact, I really like most of it.  There’s some really good new ideas mixed with some not-so-good, but I feel like I’ve enjoyed it way more than I’ve not.  Plus, at the very least, I get some new figures out of the deal! So I picked up a few of the New 52 designed versions of some all-time great heroes. Then I wrote a review about it. Wanna hear it? Here it go:

First up is Hawkman. Now I haven’t actually read much of his book at all, to be honest, but this figure just struck me as cool. I love the armored-up look for him and this figure fits that look to a tee.

My beautiful picture

Hawkman here looks he uses the same torso as the previous DCUC Hawkman with an all-new head and legs. I thought at first his hands were reused from Wildcat, but they look to be totally unique as the bands around his hands are wrapped differently.

My beautiful picture

He has the same standard articulation as the rest of DCUC just as the rest of the wave does, and his shoulder armor is made of some really soft, thin plastic so that it does not restrict movement in that arm at all, which is a must for flying and battle poses. The armor is well detailed and he comes with his axe and a claw, which could be the Claw of Horus, I suppose? The real beauty of him is in the head sculpt

My beautiful picture

His face screams ready for battle with teeth gritted and that look in his eye. It’s the best part of the figure and really makes him stand out from his regular DCUC version. This guy means business. His wings are fully articulated and are repainted and reused from the previous Hawman.

All in all a very nice figure and if you’re a fan of the New 52 or just Hawkman in general, he’s a must buy.

Up next is the Flash, and while it’s not as drastically a different look from his pre-New 52 version like Hawkman is, there are a few updates to the costume that make him different.

My beautiful picture

Most of the difference in the costume come from a raised lightning bolt symbol and some super detailed, more tech-y looking boots. Now, the lightning bolts all over the suit are not part of the actual costume, and are more just an effect. I definitely wish they had left them off, but it’s not so bad that it takes away all that much from the figure. Like Hawkman, though, the best part of him is the head sculpt.

My beautiful picture

It’s a really nice update of the previous head with some detailing to simulate a more armored mask or helmet, but Barry still stares back at you with those blue eyes under it.  Since Flash has one of the all-time great costumes in the history of comics, I’m glad they didn’t stray too far from his classic look, and instead just modernized his classic look a bit.

My most anticipated figure from these three is Batgirl, and I’m sad to say I was a bit let down by her.

My beautiful picture

I was really looking forward to her because I love both her new look and the New 52 Batgirl comic itself. The book has been one of my favorite titles over the past year with Gail Simone bringing Barbara back to her rightful place as Batgirl. If you haven’t picked it up yet you really should give it a try.

My beautiful picture

The figure itself is a very well done overall sculpt. All the new armored plates are captured well and the details are all there. She appears to be an all-new sculpt from head to toe, and even though her head looks similar to the DCSH Batgirl, it’s not. There is definitely a lot to like about this figure because of the nice sculpting and the easy movement of the articulation, but the problem I have is more with the cowl and neck placement.

My beautiful picture

It’s set a bit too high and makes her neck look really long. I think I’ll have to fix that when I touch her up a bit as I usually do with all my figures, but that may be me just me. The head sculpt itself looks very similar to the original Batgirl head but the mask is a bit wider and the eyes are different, they even look a bit crooked to me. While I do have a couple of gripes with the figure, it’s still a really pretty sculpt and the detail on the armor is something I wish they would do more.

All in all, three good figures that I’ll be happy to add to my collection — even if they aren’t the looks I grew up with. I guess change isn’t so bad?

My beautiful picture

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9 thoughts on “DC Unlimted – Hawkman, Batgirl, and Flash

  1. Wish Barb came with more accessories for the price. Same with most of these recent DC and Marvel Legends. Not enough bang for the buck.

  2. Yeah, I’m really glad about “52”. I can forget 60 years of comics history that I knew and loved.
    From that first meeting of Superman and Batman…to the B&B adventures of the JLA…to the Flash of Two World’s meeting… to a whole world of wonderment.
    Gone….faster than you can say Fifty-Two!!

  3. Thanks for the look at these figs, Prod! I’m actually kinda interested in them — the sculpted details definitely make them more appealing to me than most Mattel DC offerings. I especially like that Batgirl!

  4. Yellow piping on Flash looks was cleaner than yellow we’ve often seen in paint or tampos of costume details in DCUC.

    Where on earth are these things? All I’ve seen has been a very small number of wave 1 at my comic shop, which were a pass at $22 especially since several had really bad paint slop. That, as well as my subscription Platinum arriving with 2 left forearms shakes any confidence I had in ordering any DCUC stuff. Need to flip through pegs on these. It’s frustrating since my subscription has been great quality, but man…the Superboy, Red Robin and 52 Superman I saw were rough.

  5. Gotta love all of the new sculpting on these. Remember when we thought that’s what the subscription was giving us? Now those were better days.

  6. Hmm. I actually like these. I’m not reading any of these nu 52 books, but I do like the look of that Hawkman and Babs. I actually like the Hawkman redesign a lot more in figure form than on the page. Weird.

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