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New DC and Batman Unlimited Pics

15 thoughts on “New DC and Batman Unlimited Pics

  1. If this is the best that Mattel has to compete with Marvel Legends in 2013, then Hasbro has nothing to worry about.
    total failure in everything, especially in the most important thing, to give their customers what they really expect

  2. Attaboys all around on this stuff. Matty’s finally getting back to my neck of the woods!
    DKR Batman is the figure I’ve been waiting some 25 years for. After all my negative feelings of late about Mattel and DCUC, this one turned a major corner for me. I think he’s fantastic.
    WW and Batman of Zurr En Arrh are the kind of thing I was hoping we’d see at retail, and I think they both look great. It’s just nice to know that even though the first waves left me cold, I’ll be getting warmer with the second waves’ stuff.
    And then there’s that INJUSTICE Batman.
    He’s not my favorite costume by any stretch, but man, there is something very striking about his looks. He’s so medieval. And the color work makes me realize how much better I would’ve liked the Christopher Nolan Batsuit with a little blue and gray in it.
    But what really intrigues me is the articulation. This is a Batman (I’m guessing in 2up) that looks like he really breaks from the standard DCUC fare. Now, if only he breaks it even further with a double-knee hinge hidden in those giant knee/shin pads. Then he’s going to become the Batman that visits my Marvel Legends shelf, and kicks some ass.

  3. That Wonder Woman does look better sculpted in this shape than the original one Mattel made in the line. Planet X Batman ( or Batman of Zurr-En-Arhh ) is definitely a surprise, especially when this could have looked obscure as a figure, only to look a lot better with the current damaged look, and another chance for a Batmite (BTW, nice basebal bat). As for TDNR Batman, I get that it may be a MOTUC base, but to be honest, I can’t see Mattel using any other DC related figure base that could represent that aged and massive look Frank Miller sketched, and the MOTUC base is probably the best to represent this Batman ( now that I see it, I’m surprised no one would have guessed to custom their own TDKR Batman with a Skeletor base, especially when that already has the astetics for Batman’s gauntlets and boots, with adding Batman’s head, cape and belt, with swapping thwe hands and feet). This line could have been a complete buy for me, if I wasn’t sort of on the fence with Injustice Batman, although it could be a ideal custom for one of the Burton/Schumacher-style Batman costumes.

  4. YES! Hopefully this means that we’ll get more alternate Batmen. I want a Gotham by Gaslight Batman, a Kingdom come Batman (to go with Magog, Captain Atom and Red Robin), a Red Son Batman, and a composite Superman (hey, he’s half Batman) 🙂

  5. awesome!!! when it come to the new dc unlimited figures im ALL IN!!! now can we please get a kingdom come superman using the dkr bats buck ??

  6. Well crap! I have my perfect Batman! Didn’t think I’d need another, but no way can I pass up DKR Bats!

  7. The DKR bats looks like a MOTUC buck to me too. I’d get that alien bats for the batmite. Hope we get a villian with these. We do need more of ’em.

  8. WOW! The Batman of Zurr-En-Arhh is awesome and totally unexpected! That’s great.

    I know the million versions of Batman can get old, but if they come up with great version like this instead of something like “capture-claw sewer Batman” I can definitely live with it.

    And yeah that DKR Batman definitely looks like a motuc buck – fantastic!

  9. holy smokes! those 3 Batman figures ROCK!!!!

    wonder woman aint too bad either…maybe this isnt the end of my DC figure collection after all!!


    cant wait for my He-man Batman team up party now!

  10. Well I certainly wasn’t expecting to see that today! I’ll lose interest in DC figures if every other release is a different version of Batman.

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