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2013 Matty Collector Subscriptions On Sale

Well, they have actually been on sale for about 10 days now, but when you get some original art from He-Fan artist extraordinaire Eamon O’Donoghue, you have to make sure that everyone knows that there are MOTU, DC, and Watchmen toys to be had, and all of the programs need to have subscribers in order to move forward. So are you a He-Fan? DC Devoted? Watchmen Wuver? Okay, that last one was just plain bad, but that’s my fault. If you are, now is the time to subscribe! I mean, do you REALLY want to get on her bad side? She will steal your heart and kick your hiney!

MEOW! Get your order in today!

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1 thought on “2013 Matty Collector Subscriptions On Sale

  1. The subscriptions for MOTUC are down this year so far, but is this a pay day thing? I’m waiting until Aug 1st to pay for my subscription as that’s when I’m paid (monthly). Lets hope thats the case for many fans and we’ll see a rise post Aug 1st?

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