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3A News – Packaged Pics of Zombs

The wait has been insane! It’s been months since going on a mad-cow-driven spending spree for 3A’s Action Portable, 1/12 scale Zombs and Zombkins. They are delayed, should have shipped already, but they are almost here. On 3A’s facebook page they posted recent pictures from the ReVenture show.

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Pictured below are the shipping box art (possibly), a Zombot, a Soldier Zomb, and a Boiler Zomb.  Color me excited: this means that Danish Import Services will be sending me a lovely little bill in the not-so-distant future!


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4 thoughts on “3A News – Packaged Pics of Zombs

  1. Is there a good place to order these or are they pretty much sold out at this point?

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