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10 Year Celebration – A sexyvonpoopy Retrospective

I lurked and then I joined. I am, among other things, a Stay-at-Home-Dad. I raised a kid and Fwooshed these past 8 years. I stayed in touch with this hobby for the duration of infant and toddler and now kid parenting. And lately I’ve been going out working. I’m now saving for an expensive future and neglecting things here.

What I get from visiting thefwoosh over and over over the years is the people. It doesn’t matter what attracted us together in the beginning. Marvel, DC, 3D, comics, movies, music , art, customizing, collecting, the connection doesn’t matter to me. What has mattered is that we protect and comfort each other now as the zombiepocalypse nears. As my once greasy body now grinds itself to dust it is comforting to know that I have friends.


(I realize you are internet friends who don’t care if I exist.)
and yet… if I had the chance I would take these opportunities:

One day I’d like to ride the train with Pablolobo. Rearrange the shelves with Rick, often. I would like someday to cast some molds with Ibentmyman-thing listening to Prince. Or go on a picnic with the Canonballs. I’d like to drive across the desert with Moldie. Draw a picture with Norm. Break the law with Akatsukai. Laugh it up with Sidious. Look for Dinosaur bones with Panther. Monkey jump Gilgamesh with Diddy. Shoot stuff from of the back of a truck with Disthunder. Study behavior patterns with Lucid. Reenact Calvin and Hobbes scenes with TFitz. Bet on NFL Games with Prodigy and NBA games with TSI. Quote movies with Metal Luna.

Silently nod at Samael13 at the appropriate time. Take mood altering prescriptions with Franky4fingers and photoshop stuff. Cook a meal with NimNams. Go out drinking with Long_Road. Go on a date with Chibikasi, not on a date-date but tag along as a third person on her date. Dinner party with Piffy. See a movie with Norrin Radd and critique it with SBC. Go on an audition with Hagop. Send poop in the mail with GrownNerd. Librarynatize my collection with BigBadvoodooLou. Band practice with Popoman and Buzzy.

Make oversized ambigrams with Ebonhorn 20 feet large. Look at realistic artwork with Discogod without smoking. Put wallets on chains with Zephyr. Video games with Maximoff. Have a food eating contest with Lemonman6. Take down a lunatic in the asylum with BAP. Batman scavenger hunt with Wadsworth. Capoeira with Colirio. Birthday parties with HurricaneBTVS. Wrestle with Seawing. Talk Asgard with Jester Killer. Proof read love letters with Dormammu . Walking tour of NY with Simon. Stare at clouds with Phineas Curmudgeon. Change diapers with Simmo. And the many more that I missed. It was my privilege to discuss, argue, entertain and interview the lot of you. (I did quite a few interviews with some fwooshers and then never published them, I apologize. That is all my fault.)

I would walk down the toy aisle with any of you nutballs. It would be an honor. A really awkward honor.