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ThreeA Toys Review – Tomorrow King Classics Princess TQ



Another ThreeA Toys review. It will be a quicky as I don’t have much to say about this Tomorrow Queen. Princess here is a 1/6 scale figure on a less advanced buck than Lolli.

This version of the 3A Tomorrow Queen is actually outdated by the version that was sold as part of the 2011 Christmas sale, LolliXXX. The main differences here are the ball jointed hips and the double jointed knees. I think there are differences in the torso but minor at best.

Now, Ahsley has made these figure anatomically correct, there are sculpted nipples and the vagina is more than just an indenture. And Princess here has a pierced clitoris. I am mentioning this as this is one of the features that makes this figure collectible, in some circles. Personally this level of realism isn’t for me, but to each his own. And like with Lolli I have no intention of taking nude photos of these figures. The picture above is about as revealing as I’ll get.

All in all I do recommend these figures. They are 1/6 and not a priority on my collection list but they are well worth the money, and the extras… that’s up to you.

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