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First Look – Young Justice Superboy

If you are a DC fan and you have not been watching the new Young Justice show on Cartoon Network, we need to have a little talk. I know a lot of DC have been looking for the next big thing in terms of quality DC Comics animation since the departure of JLU (like, over 6 years ago!), and this show is already starting to fill that void in spades. The writing and story lines have been killer, the character selection and development has been top notch and as a HUGE Forever People fan, I am going to indulge and say I finally got to see the @$%@#$%! Forever People! Mattel has been keeping right up with the release of the main characters in the four and six inch scales. I am particularly a fan of the latter and while the figures match the style of the animation, they have all of the detail and articulation sensibilities of the DC Classics line. Plus, they have some really kick ass figure bases too. Superboy is the latest of the crew to join the likes of Robin, Artemis and Red Arrow and he is certainly keeping up with the [young] Joneses.

If you have been collecting the new Young Justice line, or even DC Classics you will find the construction and style of this figure to be very familiar to you. Much like the short-lived Public Enemies series, the YJ line is doing a great job staying true to the style of the source material while keeping accessibility to the Classics line. The figure itself is mostly built off of the teen base body that was recently featured in the Legion of Superheroes 12-pack. I personally like that the line is staying somewhat compatible to the larger DCUC line, even with the more stylized head sculpt, unless you are quite particular, the figure will fit in just fine with the likes of your Classics Teen Titans.

As you can see, the figure is in the white suit deco and not the more common t-shirt and jeans get-up. While I am sure that we will eventually see the latter look at some point in the line, I am sure there are fans that would have preferred to see the more common version in figure form first, especially since that look has never appeared in DCUC. Not that this costume has either, but since this one is so pointed to a specific story line, the jeans look would be more universal. This white does look good on the figure though and Superboy will certainly stand out amongst his YJ crew. The figure is white, not that light gray color of the DCUC White Lantern Hal Jordan, so he is pretty bright. The design is fairly basic but all of the lines are nice and clean and like how the silver sets on the white base. He, of course, has the “S” symbol and that is (as it should be) very crisp.


If you recall, the beginning story line of the show centered around Superboy being sprung from Project Kr. Mattel really captured this well in the four inch line back at SDCC 2011 in the form of an exclusive with a light up base. Well, this new six inch figure continues the progress, capturing yet another iconic moment from the opening salvo. The detail in the containment tube is really nice and the translucent plastic used on the rods on the inside add for a subtle but nice effect. Like the previous bases, there are pegs strategically placed throughout the base for posing purposes. Overall, while I prefer the roof top and cityscape bases of Robin and Red Arrow this is actually a fun base. It is way out enough that it can be used for tech or even alien scenes on your shelf.


Finally, Superboy also comes with two accessories – his smashin’ hammer and a girder. But not just any girder – a bendable girder! Yup, you can show off his mighty muscles because the twist point in the middle can be bent and straight, however you like it. The hammer is show-accurate and has a lot of texture detail in the actual head. Characters like Superman and Superboy are usually accessory light, and while he does not have quite as many accessories as Robin or Aqualad or Red Arrow, it is still nice to get something with the figure.

Overall I am very happy to see that it looks like Mattel is going guns blazing at the Young Justice property. The six inch figures have been very nice thus far and there are still some essential characters to be included (like Miss Martian) before all is said and done. Superboy marks the fifth member of the core team and Sportsmaster is shipping right alongside of him so he will have someone to beat up.

*Thanks for checking this out and thanks to Fangirl 2.0 and crew for making this Look possible. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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9 thoughts on “First Look – Young Justice Superboy

  1. The show rocks. Can’t wait for season 2. The toys however, leave much to be desired. Fans of the show that want quality figures have a right to be irritated with the mismanagement by Mattel. Releasing a variant Superboy noone wanted instead of the familiar outfit, using the oversized biceps on “teen” figures, and the overly cartoonish sculpts have doomed this line. The poor character choices continued with putting a Guardian in the scheduled releases but no Miss Martian. Sucks the line is done but serves Mattel right. People are speaking with their wallets and just not showing interest. Hope there’s some change in management over this.

  2. so im not thrilled that its the more common costume but im pretty excited to get this anyone know when theyll start being released cuz i want to get my hands on this for customizing purposes

  3. I love the show, but I hope the head sculpt is tweaked for the standard Superboy release. Angle those brows and make him look angry! Even Superman in the photo above looks more angsty.

  4. I gotta disagree. The quality on the cartoon has steadily improved over the course of the series. While I’m not a fan of the animated style faces on the figures, I love the costume designs from the show. Arsenal and Artimus look great next to the DCUC Titans and with a minor headswap, Robin looks good too. I am frustrated that Mattel didn’t release the t-shirt and jeans version of Superboy, but I’m sure it will come eventually. Or I may make one myself. My biggest complaint about this line is the $20 price tag but I scooped up the figures at Target last week for $10.

  5. /\/\/\
    Lol! Too funny.

    Not very impressed with this line and the ctn show is spotty at best as far as writing goes. And, in my part of town at least, I don’t seem to be the only one with this sentiment. These things are just clogging the shelves. Even the recent Mattel/Target 50% off sell didn’t move many units. I think this line and the show have a very short window to capture more market share or we’ll never see the core team completed…well maybe on Matty but the retail sales around here have been lackluster.

  6. Let me say this, I recently bought Aqualad and Robin, and there paint jobs was everything but crisp, QC is still in issue with Mattel’s product, but what can I say I got them at 50 percent off so I shouldn’t complain about a $20 figure not being painted right…..

  7. Mattel Exec 1: “Let’s see…Superboy. While we could go ahead and just release the standard version of the character now…

    Mattel Exec 2: “…we could INSTEAD release a crappy variant that no one is asking for. That way, the completists will double-dip and we’ll make more money while showing little to no effort in giving our customers what they want the most!”

    Mattel Exec 1: “Brilliant idea! Make it happen!”

    This Collector: “Mattel, go f*** yourself. Your crappy “distribution” and QC has finally convinced me to move on from giving you my hard-earned cash.”

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