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ThreeA Review – Action Portable Tomorrow King Oyabun Naga

ThreeA Toys recently released their 2011 membership pack to subscribers across the world. Included in the package was a hoodie with a ThreeA print on the back, an Adventure Kartel comic book primer, a membership card and this wonderful action portable Tomorrow King Oyabun.

Action Portable refer to the 1/12 or 6″ inch offerings from ThreeA, these are miniaturized versions of their 1/6 or 12″ figure releases. And I gush like a madman over them. The figures are part of the Ashley Wood Popbot universe where Tomorrow Kings are genetically bred warriors made to fight robots:

Made for war against robots. Genetically bred autistic warriors who cannot dress themselves, but can shear off a robot’s head with nary a thought. Alone, even though their brothers number in the millions, yes we are doing fine, like the last time, like the last time. They face death from steel, but do not know how to say hello. Today’s Princes, Tomorrow’s Kings.

I’m not certain how many colorways were made but has Naga, Yama, and General Showa listed as the main Oyabun figures in the 1/6 lines and I can only assume the same colorways were offered in Action Portable. Each colorway was randomly selected for customers, a subscriber had no option to order a specific colorway.

As I’ve mentioned before I am love with the ThreeA figures, from the concept Ashley Wood designs to the execution of the figures in 6″ scale, superposeable, fully clothed action figures these figures continue to floor me. The upcoming Zombkin is just another example of the love and fun that goes into these figures.

Sculpting on these figures is amazing. Each Tomorrow King comes with sneakers, granted they aren’t the ass kicking Adidas that Fighting JC sports but they are still awesome trainers. The hands are also beautifully done. The head sculpts are simple at best, there isn’t much in the way of facial details, yet I look at these faces and see how much personality is in them. There is something about the simplicity that makes them all the more real. My wife gets this amazed and yet creeped out look when messing with the figures, that “real” quality is the root of the creeping.

The clothes are amazing. At 1/6 scale it is easy to replicate clothing that looks real, but at 1/12 it is an incredible challenge and ThreeA continues to deliver. Belt loops on the pants, fly on the pants, pockets, belts and webbing that look amazing. The print on the t-shirt is just awesome! I mean seriously the team actually put a print on the shirt, and it looks awesome! But the coolest and most amazing part of this figure is the jacket. A hooded winter jacket. A thick winter jacket. How freaking cool is that?

The price of these figures is staggering, at around 50 bucks a pop (or more with the 3A membership) these are not for everyone. But if you are looking for something more than what Marvel Legends or DCUC can offer than ThreeA’s Action Portable line is a must have.

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