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The POPular guide to the ladies of Masters of the Universe Classics – The Star Sisters

Hi and welcome to our new column! I know, we have done special write ups on a lot of different Masters of the Universe topics before, but this one is going to be all about the ladies of Etheria! Yep, the ranks of MOTUC are getting over-crowded with the guys so we need to get more of the ladies involved. This column is focused on getting the word out on the world of PoP and hopefully win over some you – the She-Ra canon can bring A LOT to the world of MOTU, and we are going to dish tons of info of all of them in the weeks and months to come!

Did you see the newest trademarks registered by Mattel? There were a few in there that make me particularly excited – Starla, Tallstar and Jewelstar – The Star Sisters. They are the things of lore for old school and new school fans of PoP alike and we thought they would be the best subject to cover for our first installment of the PoPular Guide!


WHO are they?

Let’s see what the legend holds as an introduction to the ladies three that never materialized.

The Legend of the Star Sisters

Here is the text since it is really small:

One day Princess Adora was riding Spirit up Skydancer Mountain. It had just rained so Spirit was walking carefully on the soft ground. As they approached Crystal Castle a large boulder came tumbling down the mountain toward them. Adora immediately raised her sword, shouting, “For the honor of Grayskull. I am She-Ra!” Magically, Adora transformed into She-Ra and gracefully broke the boulder into a thousand pieces with her sword.

“Whew,” said She-Ra as she patted Swift Wind. “that was close!”

Relieved, they started up the mountain again. But a shimmering light caught She-Ra’s attention. The brilliant sparkle was coming form a long cavern that the falling stone had uncovered. Curious, She-Ra entered the cavern – and what she saw took her breath away! She was surrounded by sparkling crystal and transfixed by the beauty that glistened everywhere around her. Suddenly, she heard a faint voice “Oh, help us! Help us!”

Startled, She-Ra asked, “Where are you?”

“Here! Oh, here,” said the voice. It was coming from the crystals!

“Who are you and how can I help you?” asked She-Ra.

“We are the Star Sisters,” said the voice. “We have been imprisoned by an evil sorceress who was jealous of our goodness. We have been locked up in this crystal prison for years. Please, help us!”

She-Ra reached out to touch the crystal and slowly it began to melt away. A beautiful maiden stepped forward. “Thank you, oh thank you,” she said. “My name is Starla and with my magic I will serve you as long as you need me.”

The second sister approached and gently said, “I, too, am thankful. My name is Tallstar and like my sister, I pledge my strength and my magic height to help and protect you from all evil.”

And then a perky voice said, “Princess, thank you. With my sparkling beauty I will distract your enemies.” As soon as she finished speaking, Jewelstar folded up into a magnificent gem. She-Ra was overwhelmed!

Suddenly, mysterious pink cloud swept over the sky. “Glory Bird!” the Star Sisters cried. “We’re so happy to see you!” They gleefully gathered around the magnificent bird.

Glory Bird turned to She-Ra and began to speak. “Oh wise and good She-Ra, I am the guardian of these three. It is my duty to guide the sisters and see that they always return to this cavern at every new moon when the starlight is at its brightest. The starlight will keep their powers strong so that they may serve you well.” Enchanted, She-Ra promised that she would help.

“Welcome to Etheria!” She-Ra exclaimed. “I can tell tat we will be good friends!”

And so the original dolls that never were.

WHY are they important to the MOTUC mythos?

  • Well, we have some hints in Catra’s bio: Tri-Solar/Star System. Star Sisters Legends reads as three girls banished by a sorceress who was “jealous of their goodness.” Jealous Beauty?

HOW will they be executed & released? Two ways: As a set or single carded?

  • As three monthlies? back to back or space them out?
  • As the SDCC set?  (He-Ro, another un-produced figure from the 1980s was the SDCC 2009 Exclusive)
  • As a quarterly beast slot?
  • As a boxed set?

WHAT will their accessories be, realistically?

There are probably different options for accessories depending on how they are released. Let’s see…



  1. Star Staff (vintage weapon)
  2. Glory Bird with perch


  1. Star staff (vintage weapon)
  2. Jewel transformation “Reverse molded face sculpt inside clear jewel, like Zan’s bucket of water, except inside the jewel” She won’t be able to transform since “action features” are not a part of the line.


  1. Star staff (vintage weapons)
  2. Extensions for neck, both arms, torso, and both legs. Would be cool to buy multiple Tallstars and the extensions can “stack” on top of one another to make her longer and longer!

(Note: in Filmation and other group shots/artwork, Starla is the only one who uses a staff)

  1. Glory Bird w/ armor & perch
  2. Starla’s staff
  3. Jewelstar’s jewel form
  4. Tallstar’s extensions

The Other two staves can be placed in a future weapons pack to save tooling for the ladies.

WHERE can their bucks be reused/repainted/shared?

  • Repaints of themselves: Filmation deco (you know, if Mattel gets the rights).
  • Re-releases with rooted hair heads with other POP ladies with exclusives pieces (Light Hope, combs, etc)
  • Single carded re-releases (although I can’t image people only buying one without the other two)
  • Battle pack parts (extra extensions for Tallstar and Jewelstar/Tallstar staves)

So, if you did not have a background on the Star Sisters, you better believe you do now! Just seeing trademarks for these ladies is very exciting, especially since there is a focus in the MOTUC line to produce those vintage figures that got stuck in the prototype stage. Thanks for looking and we will be back with future installments of the PoPular Guide soon!

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