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SDCC 2011 Coverage – MOTUC Draego-Man

We have so much to bring you still with our real SDCC 2011 coverage, including some awesome insights from Mattel and Four Horsemen about MOTU and DC. But for now, just to make it official: the badass Eric Treadaway created Masters of the Universe Classics Draego-Man is… an EVIL WARRIOR. As in Skeletor’s Evil Warriors. More soon!


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6 thoughts on “SDCC 2011 Coverage – MOTUC Draego-Man

  1. February can’t come fast enough, man he looks Sicking-1 of the best so far in the line!

  2. Looks sweet…his name should totally be Dragon-Man or Flameface or something….Draego-Man seems too “cool”

  3. I felt he was a stand alone villain…maybe a Fire God…as opposed to the Warrior Goddess guardian and the mossy God Moss man

  4. This guy is beast! I’m not a MOTU collector, but I do like getting the monster & beast figs from this line. Also Demo-Man & Kobra Kahn are sweet.

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