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Power Lords – Another Look Down the Articulated Lane

Power Lords were an action figure from 1983 made by Revell designed by Wayne Barlowe, and was an attempt to cash in on the success of science fiction and fantasy popularity poplar at the time. The line would compete against Star Wars and He-man; and unlike many toylines from the time they did not have a cartoon or TV series or movie dedicated to them. DC comics did publish a 3 issue comic, with little success. The line lasted 2 waves and then disappeared

One of the great aspects to Power Lords and one of the big interests that I had in the line was the articulation. As mentioned before, in my childhood years I had a fascination with articulation and would cut up my Star Wars figures in feeble attempts to add joints. 3 and 3/4 GI Joes from Hasbro introduced the articulation that I wanted in small scale action figures and changed my idea of how a toy could be made. Ball socket shoulders, elbow hinges, swivel waists, knee hinges and ankle hinges rounded the typical joint scheme along with whatever effect was needed to transform the figure.

Revell decided to get into the Sci Fi Fantasy action figure market in 1983 with the introduction of Power Lords, a line about a human given extraordinary powers to fight evil galactic aliens. The action figures sported a number of articulation schemes, which were ahead of their time given the scale of the figures. The heroic figures were human on one side of their bodies and alien on the other. The aliens had no special features but were amazingly articulated for the time. Even the sculpting was joy.

I still have the figures, they lie in a box in my parents attic with all the other hits from the 80’s. One day I’ll crawl up there, take them from their dusty prisons, wash them off and revisit the fun from this short lived line.!/pages/Power-Lords/128607193849145?sk=photos

8 thoughts on “Power Lords – Another Look Down the Articulated Lane

  1. creepy ,unique and incredibly detailed!i would say these words best describe the line!just a good series all around!

  2. as a child this figure terrified me. i don’t know if it’s the expression on human face or the power lords face but to this day i still find it creepy.

  3. I loved Power Lords! Great articulation, accessories, and designs. This is a line I wish the 4 Horsemen would revive.

  4. i remember those things creeped me out when i saw the ad for the toys. not surprise it did not last long given it was going up against he-men and star wars and had no way to get kids to learn about them like a cartoon tie in

  5. i should know because i’m the one who wrote the article for it seems they cut out part of it for an add of some sort at the bottom

  6. a great line but you are incorrect about the aliens not having special features .they each had a gimmick whether it was a moving jaw or flapping wings.each figure[3 good guys and 7 bad guys]had something unique to them.

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