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First Look – DC Universe Classics Series 19 Part I

Alright kids! We all know good and well that the fate of DC Universe Classics is in a state of dire need. The Club Infinite Earths program still needs your support in order to become a reality. If you want to see DCUC continue the line needs your commitment to subscribe. If you have not done so but are thinking of it, please go do so now. Did you move the thermometer? I hope so because we still have about half way to go to our goal. Still need convincing? Check out our testimonial about how we want the line to continue. Convinced now? If you still need help, check out this site to see MORE testimonials for our favorite DC line. Okay, maybe you still aren’t budging, but how about for the proof in the pudding? Okay, then how about this? We have a First Look at the first half of the next-to-last DCUC series – 19. Guys, we are at series 19 and there is still so much more to do. The good part is that The Atom, Sandman and Stargirl are all very well done figures. So let’s see if we can appeal to what really matters – the toys. The fact is that DCUC is still as strong as it ever was in terms of character selection and sharp-looking figures and the JSA gets a nice bolster because of it.

Sandman, Stargirl and The Atom

Okay, I know I usually have quite a bit to say about new toys when I get them but because time is of the essence and I wanted to get this look to you as soon as possible, I am going to keep it brief and just show you a bunch of pictures. Sound okay? I will update the article later in the week, but go get that sub first! Go! Now look at pics!

The Atom

Al Pratt, the ORIGINAL Atom has finally come to DCUC. Our Golden Age Justice Society is looking good now, but Al is simply an addition, not a finish. But, for one of the elder statesmen of the DC Universe, the wait has been worth it. Mr. Pratt has been rendered very faithfully to his comic counterpart and has a lot of very bight colors. He is made up of some existing parts with his chest and arms, but that is good because he is strong guy. He does have new shins though and that is important because Al is a shorty. He is only supposed to be about 5 feet tall so that puts him well below the average superhero height. As you can see from the pictures, he is shorter than the standard DCUC male and it is not hard to see. I think he could have been a little shorter still, but I am glad that when I line him up on the shelf, he will be in relatively proportionate scale. THIS is the kind of character that we can continue to see in Club IE and the JSA is always top of mind!

Al Pratt!
Atom Theme


Strong Shorty
An Amazo Punch!
Poor Pat


Man, it seems like I have been wanting a figure of Wesley Dodds forever. He seemed easy enough to make into a figure and he is an integral part of the JSA. The thing is though, the DCU is a BIG place and even the important guys are still coming out, even in wave 19. See? SEE? We still have essential characters that can benefit from the sub. Wes is made up of some parts borrowed from the Question, but that is appropriate. I thought it would be MORE than is actually is though because the jacket (not the Riddler’s either) and tie are certainly new. I really like the detail put into his gas mask (he needs that because he carries his gas gun) and he has a clean, Golden Age feel to him. I love the green used in the figure as it is unlike any other so far in the DCUC palette. Those thoughtful Horsemen even thought to give him a hook on his jacket so he can hang his gun. I love little touches like that. Finally, right? I mean, FINALLY! We finally have Sandman. But where is Sand? Probably waiting in that sub you have been hearing so much about…

He can't smell his own gas
Holster Hook
All Business
I am going to pass you some gas


Courtney Whitmore rounds out the group that was sent to us (hopefully we will have Hawkman, Kobra and Magog to show you soon) and man, I am so glad to also be getting a MODERN JSA member. See, I love my GA team, but there are so many modern JSA characters like LIBERTY BELLE, Hourman II, Dr. Mid-Nite II, Damage and Cyclone that still MUST be done. Stargirl is my favorite female figure to come along in awhile – her personality has been captured in plastic so well. I LOVE the expression on her face, it is classic Courtney. He costume is also quite unique and I really dig the metallic paint job on it. It looks just like that Ross cover from several years ago. She has her requisite Star Rod that she borrows from the Jack Knight figure, but this time it is cast in a translucent plastic. I am thinking of it as being the “charged-up” version. Courtney is joining Powergirl as the lone female in my JSA display, I cannot tell you how badly I need some of the aforementioned females to join them.

Stars forever, now we need to finish our stripes
Star Legacy
One of the Girls
That is her step-dad's arm. Traumatic!
Take a ride!

Okay, I hope you enjoyed the pictures but even more so, I hope you see that we have a good thing going with DCUC and we need it to continue. This Look features three tried and true members of the JSA but we still need Jay Garrick. JAY GARRICK! If the sub happens we will get him guaranteed delivered to our doors. No matter how big our JSA team is, it is not the REAL JSA without him. Courtney, Wes and Al are begging!

We need our Jay Garrick. And all the rest!

*Thanks to Fangirl 2.0 and team for sending this group along – let’s move that thermometer!

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9 thoughts on “First Look – DC Universe Classics Series 19 Part I

  1. Personally, I’m really glad to be getting Sandman and The Atom.
    And Hawkman is coming. I’m buying two. One for each head.
    Now, if we can just get Jay Garrick, we will have, at least, the original eight JSA Golden Age members.

    Now, for me, I only need the “fin-head, atomic” Atom, Jay with a younger head, the Golden Age Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Superman, Sandman and Sandy, Doctor Fate with half a helmet, Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt, and Mr. Terrific–plus The Wizard and all the members of the Injustice Society of the World.

    How the heck can I get ’em if DCUC ends??

  2. Atom is too tall, Dc Direct made him too short in both height and scale. I’ll live with it… Sandman’s mask isn’t painted correctly. the sides are blue, someone didn’t do their homework. Alas it is JSA so I can’t freakin’ wait. Thanks for posting the review.

  3. Looking good! I just have to keep a look out for Stargirl’s face paint. Seeing the Atom Theme really makes me hope they make Damage.

  4. looks like her lower torso is backwards. there’s no belly button. that line looks like it should be her spine.

  5. That Stargirl looks horrible!

    I’m diggin the Atom and Sandman.

    Good bye DCU, nothing lasts forever.

  6. the manufacture of Stargirl to seems strange, the torso is too big for the body of an teen girl, breaks the physical balance

  7. love the look of al happy to finaly get him to almost being done with my jsa just need jay from the sub if it happens. sandman pass. star girl love the look but she did not borrow the star rod jack gave it to her.

  8. Whoa!

    That is in fact one hell of a Hail Mary. More like a nuclear bomb. I really can’t wait to see if that set turned out well since I’m concerned about a QC issue since there are so many in there.

    JSA looks good so far and I would really like a Jay. Let’s make this happen, people! Toys arrive at your home and you don’t have to do a thing! Shipping is far less than the gas and stress involved with completing many of the retail waves so far.

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