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SDCC 2011 Wind Raider, She-Ra and He-Man Super Deformed Figures

Super Deformed Skeletor

Super Deformed Skeletor

I was pretty shocked to find the Wind Raider out in the Mattel booth on preview night.  They also snuck She-Ra 2.0 into the main display case.  Thursday they changed the position of the Wind Raider so you could see more of the detail of the cockpit and added some Action League or Super Hero Squad style Masters of the Universe figures.

The Windraider sculpt is pure perfection for me.  I love the look of the ‘hood ornament’ as it resembles concept and box art more than the original toy in so much as it’s sharper and a bit more sleek.  I think it gives the ship a better profile all together.  You have to love the opening engine block.  The techno-greeblies and sculpted reliefs are spellbinding.  I can’t wait for this thing.  She-Ra 2.0 is looking pretty good.  Looks like they added a waist twist, a more ‘flowey’ skirt, and some glove and boot details.  I’m not going to have a problem buying another She-Ra, that’s for sure.  The He-Man Super Hero Squad style figures are definitely more appealing than the Attitubes proposed a couple of years back.  I hope they make it into production.


2 thoughts on “SDCC 2011 Wind Raider, She-Ra and He-Man Super Deformed Figures

  1. Those super deformed figures are awesome. They look like to be some of the best figures in that style, and have that vinyl-designer toy feel more than most. How tall are they?

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