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SDCC 2011 – Four Horsemen Gothitropolis and The Outer Space Men

The Four Horsemen had some cool stuff at their booth today including several Outer Space Men Prototypes, a slew of Scarabus figures, two new OSM characters (Colossus Rex and Orbitron) and the recently finalized sculpt for the Gothitropolis Raven.  Click through for more pics!

I think the Raven prototype was the highlight of my first day at con.  It’s so beautifully detailed, I ended up staring at the feather details and all the cool equipment for quite some time.  I took a ton of pics and I hope they convey the detail.  I’m really looking forward to getting one of these for my own.

The two new OSM characters have a great look to them and I dig the way the little green Martian came out.  I have to say it was great to see so many fans come over and marvel at the Scarabus figures.  It seemed like Nergall got a lot of attention (and sales!).  I also had a chance to chat with Horseman Eric Treadaway which was really cool.  It’s kinda fun geeking out over toys with one of the people responsible for making some of your favorites!

1 thought on “SDCC 2011 – Four Horsemen Gothitropolis and The Outer Space Men

  1. Yes, he looks great. Typical of the great Four Horsemen.

    But I want to know:

    Who and where is the DAEMOTHYR FAMILY ???

    Will someone PLEASE answer that question.!!?? Please!!

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