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New Green Lantern Movie Masters Coming Soon

Matty updated his Facebook page today to feature some pictures of the upcoming Green Lantern Movie Masters. We are just a couple of weeks away until the film hits every theater in existence so they are catching up with a [virtual] cast of thousands.

Here is a sneak peak at the next few Green Lantern Movie Masters coming out later this summer!

Maskless Hal does not come with a collect and connect piece. Instead he has a die cast ring and Bzzd the smallest of the GL Corps! (at least in our toy line!)

Sinestro is ready to lead the GL Corps! Comes with a collect and connect piece

Ismot Kol packaged with collect and connect piece

The mysterious Krona… comes with a Parallax collect and connect piece

Maskless Hal comes with a die cast ring and Bzzd! You do not need him to complete the Collect and Connect Parallax however.

-And don’t forget an exclusive Abin Sur figure only at Toys R Us in a Movie Master 2-pack

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