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DCUC Wave 19 revealed to have JSA theme!


MTV has the exclusive reveal of DCUC wave 19 and it’s a very JSA-Centric wave!  The wave features:

That’s a nice mix of Modern age and classic JSA related characters in there.  I’m also glad to see some villains in the mix – Kobra is a classic villain and long overdue for a figure.  It’s going to be a long wait for these guys!

10 thoughts on “DCUC Wave 19 revealed to have JSA theme!

  1. Looks like a confusing wave, with a little of the old and a little of the I don’t give a crap about this guy. I like Star Girl and Magog, but he seems an odd fit for this All-Star group of characters. Oh well, overall nice sculpting as always by the 4HMen.

  2. Seriously, people, there’s about a 1000% chance that they’ll make Jay Garrick.

    Golden Age Hawkman goes with the original JSA lineup, so I’ve got no problems with him. Now we just need Flash and a Johnny Thunder/T-Bolt 2-pack.

  3. JSA! I mite aswell hand my wallet to Mattel. That Golden Age Hawkman better come with a variant head with the yellow mask. BTW I hope future waves incorporate more villians.

  4. S.T.R.I.P.E. knocks my socks off! Well done!
    I think that Star Girl should really have double joints, at least in the knees.
    Posability for flying with the cosmic spear will be difficult.
    Hawkman- any difference from the first- other than face mask?
    The Atom – was he ever really as big as everyone else? or should he be shorter?
    All in all a nice, but not perfect, theme.

  5. i’m sure jay garrick will appear soon.try not to pop a blood vessel,everyone!we’ll see if we hear more after comicon

  6. I can’t believe they bumped out Jay Garrick for a TOTAL waste of a repaint of Hawkman….LAZY MATTY!! I need The JSA Flash for my shelf…I don’t have a single need for this hawkman right now.
    I do LOVE S.T.R.I.P.E and Stargirl – Especially the translucent “powered-up” rod.

  7. No Jay Garrick Flash?! Are they flipping kidding?! Who cares about the rest of those clowns? Kobra? Another Hawkman? Magog! MAGOG?! This is an outrage!

  8. Wasn’t The Shade rumored to be a part of this wave? I am filled with disappointment.

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