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ThreeA Toys Review Fighting JC

Christ, the savior has come to us once again in toy form. This time he is delivered to us by Ashley Wood as part of his 3A toy line. Fighting JC makes his debut as part of the Adventure Kartel storyline. JC was sent back to Earth after God realized that the shit had hit, JC obliges and comes back to kick zombie ass.

The figure is in the 12 inch 1/6 scale format. It comes dressed in track pants, Adidas and boxing robe. His hands are wrapped and tattoos cover his body. I don’t collect 1/6 figures, but a fellow board member and good friend of mine does and he dropped the figure off during his visit over the Easter break. He is also promising to let his TQ stay over in the near future. Good stuff since this gives me a chance to get up close and personal with figures that I otherwise would not come into contact with.

Personally, I’ll hold out for the 1/12 or 6 inch version.

As with the Blanc de Plume reviewed by me earlier the articulated buck is the same, super articulated and ready to kick all kinds of ass.

The sculpt on this figure is amazing. The buck is plain but the Adidas shoes, the wrapped hands and the head sculpt give this figure the life that makes it a pleasure to pose and play with. The head sculpt really stands out, the pissed off look that JC wears is perfect for a Messiah sent back to clean up shit. But of all the sculpted parts the shoes rock. Scuffed Blue Adidas. Awesome.

As mentioned above the figure is covered in tattoos, painted on the buck and then washed in dirt. The tattoo’s themselves are amazing, the attention to small details what makes these figures great.

Ashley is delivering toys with cloth clothing, not rubber or sculpted. Jesus comes with track pants and a boxer’s robe. The pants, combined with the Adidas just look awesome. The robe is well done, there is a small wire in the red trim allowing one to “pose” the robe. This comes in handy with action poses, “windy” poses, and with resting the hood of the robe over the head.

In addition the robe is stitched with what appears to be JCS on the back, Jesus Christ Superstar? [edit 1-May-2011] ennui at the 3A boards confirmed it is only JC, so it’s just a fancy C. But I think I’ll let my imagination run wild with the JCS.[edit]

Seriously this figure is all kinds of cool and if you haven’t made the leap to 3A toys, then I suggest you start; these extremely expensive works of art are worth it. JC currently stands to be my 2011 Action Figure of the Year (if only he were 6 inches).

21 thoughts on “ThreeA Toys Review Fighting JC

  1. Well vinylvillian,at least we dont go hacking off peoples heads when we get offended.

  2. @BigGuido

    Making a toy of an individual whose visual depiction in any manner is considered offensive


    A toy based on an individual who has had countless sculptures and portraits.

    Apples and Oranges. This is a tired argument since they aren’t the same thing. Not to condone ridiculous violence or disregard the opinions of those who find offense at JC here. What is should honestly be more offensive than this toy is to use it as an opportunity to drag in a faith and its people that are entirely unrelated to this matter and suggest that all of their reactions would be more extreme than yours. It’s very likely that some or many would react more strongly, because of the differences involved and the fact that there are some scary cases of extremism I don’t know much about the world, but I found it funny that as you imply that a group of people’s offense at an imaginary action figure would have negative results, you simultaneously use your offense at this existing action figure to insult this group who is not involved. This either cancels itself or you’ve brilliantly proved your point that people taking religious offense can do pretty crummy things.

    As far as the toy, I think it’s a fantastic looking design. I love the style a alot. I can see some being uncomfortable with the storyline it presents, but I find it interesting. Some could say it’s celebrating his role as a savior and hero.

  3. Wow. This is all kinds of wrong. I guess Christianity is the religion that no one is afraid of offending. I’m surprised the Fwoosh would even have anything to do with this. Disappointing.

  4. Considering all those who objected, posted within minutes of each other, I suspect they’re all the same guy.

  5. yeah, they already did well enough with the crusades and the overtaking of europe, the americas and africa… move over and let another religion froth and rage for a little bit, eh? lets give another messiah a go for a while.

    frankly, if i was one of those “into god” types, i’d be just as thrilled as i am about this figure now. i own three of the four versions and each one, as the name would imply to a degree, kicks ass. the overall design of the figure just flat-out beats most of any “human-style” (sorry, ‘s ‘at blasphemy..?) figures i’ve bought for the past five years or so. yeah, hot toys has great likenesses, but fightin’ j.c.’s got STYLE.

    anyway, i get if it’s not your bag. it is a bit “cartoony”, but taking offense about “the savior” rendered in plastic butt-kickin’ class is a little rediculous. i bet if jesus “came back” and saw it, he’d have himself a laugh while pitting his fightin’ counterpart against that big-ass balrog from the lord of the rings that came out a couple years back.

    and if i’m wrong in that speculation… well, i reckon i’ll see y’all in hell.


  6. That thing is GREAT! Not a piece of crap at all- a work of art, and a very creative one at that! I feel all that detail work best on a 1:6, in my humble opinion. … Just great with the track pants & Adidas! Bravo!

  7. @BigBuido-I think you just pointed out why Christianity is the religion that people have no fear of disrespecting or joking around about. The worse you’re going to get is some upset people, who may leave comments on a blog that lets their opinion known without going insane on everyone, and who will ultimately get over it and go on.
    Then there’s the alternative if you make light of other religions…………..yeah.

    Thank you, Christians who may be offended by this, for not beheading or blowing anyone up.

  8. SIGH…I wonder what the reaction would be if Ashley Wood did an action figure of Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullāh, the founder of Islam. How do you think his followers would react to a little plastic man of their beloved prophet?

  9. If they make this and the chick in 1/12, I am all over it. Wish he had christ punch action though. Or little nerf nails. inerfi.

  10. I’m holding out hoping for the 1/12 as well, but damn that’s looking cool. The pics came out awesome.

  11. That’s pretty awesome. But if nobody told me, I would probably not have guessed that it was supposed to be Jebus.

    I would have just assumed it was some badass homeless guy, or a martial arts street fighter with a religious fixation, or something like that.

    Still – very cool figure. Too bad it’s 12″ scale.

  12. ^Oh look! Butt hurt Christians! who would have guessed?!
    You guys got offended by a little plastic/vinyl!

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