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First Look – Green Lantern Movie Masters Two-Packs

In less than two months, Warner Brothers will unleash the jade fury as the Green Lantern will debut in his first feature film. Have you seen the latest footage from WonderCon? While I was a bit skeptical of the movie after the very lack-luster first trailer, that WC footage has got me totally stoked for June 17th now. Everything is starting to look very impressive and if the film is not afraid to spend a good chunk of time off-Earth, I think it will be a blast.

Of course, the deluge of GL-Movie product is already starting to hit, and in the toy portion of the, ahem, spectrum, Mattel is leading the charge. We have already brought you a First Look at a few of the single carded Movie Masters figures (the collect execution of the GL product) and Toys R Us will be sharing in the wealth with MM Two-Packs. The first two sets out of the gate (two more will follow in the Fall) are Hal Jordan with Abin Sur (played by Temura Morrison) and Hal Jordan with Tomar Re (voiced by the AWESOME Geoffery Rush). Now, not that this comes as a surprise, but we are going to see a lot of Hal in this line. He is the star, his played by Ryan Reynolds and he is a franchise character. So, the Hal figures featured in these two sets are the same as the single carded Hal figure. Also, even though I have yet to see him in person, I believe the Tomar figure is the same as his single pack figure as well. Abin Sur is actually my favorite figure of the three and I am not sure if he will show up in the single line, but he is a really nice figure. I think the head sculpt matches the make up quite well and his body is much better than Hal’s version. In my opinion.

The figures come with plain green stands, but no other accessories. I think that will be a sore point with some people as a reused Lantern could have been included, or even the ring. TRU is notorious for being, um frugal? with exclusive budgets so I am not really surprised. I do like how every figure we have seen so far is a complete unique figure (there may be some very minimal reuse between Hal and Abin), and if the WonderCon footage is any indication, this is going to be a VERY diverse world. It looks like Mattel will be following suit and we have already gotten polar opposites Tomar Re and Rot Lop Fan, it will be very interesting to see all of the figures together once this line completes (sometime near the end of the year).

These figures should be landing at TRU at any time so start to be on the lookout. We are just getting started with the GREEN!

Hal Jordan
Abin Sur
Tomar Re

*It is easy being green for Toy Guru, so thanks to him and his Corps Team for sending along this green team!

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6 thoughts on “First Look – Green Lantern Movie Masters Two-Packs

  1. yeah not liking the MM line at all. I am curious to see the full parrallax figure once it is completed.

    one thing i do not like about hal…the articulation is weird and he has toes not boots…

  2. I agree…the suits and the figures look really gross in my opinion. They are unique in the sense that these figures look very distinct from the regular DC line-ups which is good.

  3. I gotta tell ya, I’m not a fan of the look of the GL movie suits. The weird texture makes them look like green people who have been skinned alive. It’s kind of gross. Hopefully it will look better on the big screen in live action with the CG effects added.

  4. I’m loving all the unique sculpts for these GL Movie Masters. Even though the Four Horsemen didn’t sculpt these figures, they look excellent. I have the first wave in hand and I’m really impressed so far. I can’t wait to see the completed Parallax CnC.

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