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First Look – DC Retro-Action Heroes John Stewart

In Brightest Day...

With the impending release of the live-action Green Lantern movie this summer (in theaters all over the universe) you know we will be seeing green all year long. Since Mattel is the master toy license holder for all things DC, you can bet that we will see GL lines that are all new, as well as GL influence reaching into all of their current lines. Case in point: the DC Retro-Action figure line is getting an “in between” series (after 3 but before series 4) that is exclusively Green Lantern. The series will have four figures that will release one figure at a time on Matty Collector with GL John Stewart leading the way.

Here’s the thing, you are a fan of the 1970s retro-action (Mego) style or you are not. I came a little after the 70s so I did not grow up with the World’s Greatest line; so, I don’t have the nostalgia pull for the line, but I still dig the throw back, slightly kitch-y aspect. Plus, it is kind of fun getting a line that does an excellent job of whisking you back to another time and place – that is where the RA line is most successful, in my opinion. These aren’t super articulated or super detailed, they are more to be a straight continuation of what has come before.

All in all, Lantern John is pretty much the same figure as the previously-released Lantern Hal, but with a new John Stewart head. Duh. It is actually a very nice sculpt and captures old-timey John pretty well. This is not the “high and tight” version we have seen most recently, he has big hair and he wears it proudly. I hope we can be so lucky and get this version of John in DCUC at some point. He also comes with the standard-issue power battery.

Like I said, if you are a fan of this line, you will want to grab John and you know pretty much what to expect in the figure. Again, he is the first of four figures and he will be followed by GLs Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner as well as Sinestro in his Sinestro Corps uniform (we got the classic version in series 1).

More powah!

So, be on the for John to go on sale soon. Like I said, if you are GL fan, and an obsessive toy collector, you wallet is broken this year.

*Thanks for checking out our latest round of First Looks and thanks to Toy Guru and crew for sending all of this along.

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