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Masters of the Universe Classics – King Hsss is coming!

Not letting DCUC get all of the Holiday Attention, here is the King of the Snakemen himself – King Hsss!

Wouldn’t leave our MOTUC fans out in the dark with our big DCUC Wave 17 reveal! King Hssss package samples just showed up. He will be our March Club Eternia figure (with additional units available for non Club members as well).

Happy Holidays!


Hssss from the front. Check out the cool Snake Men sticker!
Hssss from the back. Note that his bio went to print before we adjusted the timeline. It should be 5,000 years, not 500 that he was imprisoned! If we ever do a re-release we can look at updating this.

King Hssss
Real Name: Hssss of the Viper House

A Servant if the Unnamed One, Hssss was chosen to lead an army of Snake Men to the planet of Eternia to plunder its magical secrets. He ruled Eternia for three centuries until a rebellion formed under D’Vann Grayskull. Soon afterwards the Horde invaded and Hssss was drawn into a three-way war. All three sides agreed to a temporary truce in order to construct the Three Towers, but Hssss was betrayed by Hordak and in time was banished to the Void by the Elders and Zodak. For five centuries he and his army waited until Evil-Lyn and a Snake Men descendant named Kobra Khan opened the Snake Pit to free them. King Hssss often tricks foes by appearing heroic but then transforms into a seething mass of serpents and leads the Snake Men into battle.