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Pallet Diving Interrupted…


Yesterday I had the day off, so I thought I would check out the DCUC lay of the land at local Wal-Marts.  I don’t frequent the store much unless I have DCUC exclusives to hunt down, so I was checking stores to see which ones still had pegs for DCUC and which ones were inundated with peg warmers.  The idea was I could eliminate some stores from the hunt.  The research paid off tonight as one of the ‘good’ stores had a box out waiting to be stocked!

I had kind of an odd experience with a stock clerk, though.  They are usually just kind of mildly amused by the big kids hunting for toys at this late hour, but this clerk was openly hostile.  She refused to let me open the box because they wouldn’t all fit on the pegs.  I finally convinced her to let me have it by committing to buy the whole box!

I’m pretty pleased that my exclusive search went so quick this time around, especially with the extended wait for this wave.  Good luck fellow hunters!