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Fwoosh First Look – Hasbro Winter Soldier Black Widow 2 pack

12 thoughts on “Fwoosh First Look – Hasbro Winter Soldier Black Widow 2 pack

  1. The grey suit BW looks good here. Wonder if they’ll rescuplt her in nu-Marvel Legends 2012. Lots of redundancy there’s going to be there. These are “the Ultimatized versions minus “teh ‘Hyper Anime Detail'”…oh no wait.

  2. How did the appreciation of these figure turn into a bash Mattel thread. This screams insecurity. So Hasbro has finally made some 6 inch figure worth buying, now all of a sudden they are better at it than Mattel and the Horseman. Some of you kill me. I like great figures no matter who makes them or whether they are DCUC or ML.

  3. Andrew, thanks for your opinion, I imagine that when Mattel stayed as the only American important company in the development of figures 6″ they were not seen in the need to overcome the sucess obtained by Toybiz, apart from the fact that they wanted to create their own type of designs, although when he might not find a better design for Superman and Batman that the one that Horsemens has created, truly grieves me that he lacks the points of joint to which I had already got accustomed and considered to be a standar, we add to this the varied problems in the quality of the materials for his manufacture, his high costs and his enormous absence of distribution to foreign markets.

    but we are speaking about Hasbro in this occasion, although at first I did not like when Hasbro took charge of his manufacture eh finished for accepting it, in addition to that many of the sculptors continue the same tendency of ToyBiz and that even Marvel has MANY characters who need to go out to the selling, him stays to hope that with the increase of the competition Mattel, Hasbro and all other companies should think about how to like his clients

  4. And I forgot to mention Winter Soldier. Overall solid looking figure, pretty good details on him. But what is really striking about him: does anyone else look at him and scream for a Zartan custom?

  5. So, when you say New Orleans, do you mean the Marrero or the Metairie store? I saw the new wave in one of the two, except for the non-chase Deadpool/Warpath, and I passed on these. Hulk/Valkerie looks uninspired, I liked Black Widow but didn’t want to spend the money, and would rather the regular Deadpool/X-Force Warpath combo.

    Out of the new figures, I really like the scale/sculpt for Warpath. It does the character justice, and it’s much better than him having the same basic stature as Spidey or most other male Hasbro figures. Otherwise, I’m just not that interested in these right now. Besides, Marvel Select Deadpool is on the horizon…

  6. Dayraven and Shrilanka; you are the kind of people with whom I want to talk about toys. You both make some excellent points and do so well. I agree totally and would like to add more abrasive insults to mattel. I will not do so now but will say I hope for better from and for the Horsemen; though I appreciate the DCUC line more than any other DC action figures past, I loathe the way Mattel has handled this line and its distribution.

  7. Dayraven, you are right to the effect that the Horsemens can take the line of the DCU at surprising levels, unfortunately his creative this capacity limited by the final decisions on the part of the management of Mattel with full assent of DC comics, the attitude that Mattel has demonstrated for with us, the consumers it is pity, that’s why when Hasbro, Figma or another company puts on sale figures of so excellent quality as Winter Soldier and Black Widow has to turn one over to seeing the DCU and to ask them: BECAUSE?
    and the truth is that Mattel was never taking the trouble to answer.

    the whole reason of Doom and Neil, the Widow makes to see all the heroines of DCU so inadequate as Barbies of 50’s.

  8. Great figures Miss Romanoff looks sexy.It looks its gonna cost me an arm an leg to get them where i live any websites selling them i wonder? I’m looking forward to the big Marvel Legends comeback in 2012.

  9. Its nice to see Hasbro getting it right. Their early ML was such a dissapointment, and I haven’t really been interested in the 3.75″ stuff, so its great to see such great figures coming out again! Makes me look forward to the relaunch of ML!

  10. shrilanka, the horsemen have nothing to learn, they’re in-house projects make the hasbro stuff look like series one mcf toys, and their mattel offerings look like retarded inmates making figures out of silly putty… mattel has put the leash on the horsemen. trust me, if they were giving you the dc figures they want to make, they’d ruin what hasbro is doing… but mattel, for some inexplicable reason, has hired four of the best sculptors/fabricators in the business today and has them working on a buck system… it’s like asking michelangelo to paint the sistine chapel and then handing him a box of crayons.

  11. I agree, Shirlanka. I collect DCUC and love them, but Hasbro still blows Matty out the water WHEN it wants to with offerings such as these. It amuses me how many people say how much better DCUC is then ML. What DCUC female can compare to how GREAT Black Widow looks. Not one!

  12. I see that when Hasbro proposes it even we can surprise with awesome figures, so much in characterization and detail as winter soldier and Black Widow they fulfill the expectations for that a collector looks, Mattel and the four horsemen have much that to learn still of Marvel.

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