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New Mattel DC and Masters of the Universe Figures Announced

Well, Matty dropped some bombshells today via Matty Collector and their Facebook page – new DC and MOTUC product! First up is the hotly anticipated Green Lantern Classics series 2 figures coming in March of 2011. Wow-wee! Two figures with swappable parts and a three pack! We finally get our Medphyll and Dex-Star figures! Man, I hope they do more than just two series of this line.

Green Lantern Classics Series 2

ION (Sodam Yat)



SKALLOX and NIGHT LIK (get it?)



STEL (Collect and Connect)

Also revealed is the March 2011 Masters of the Universe Classics figure – the long-anticipated PANTHOR!

As well as the Spring 2011 MOTUC diorama piece – the Castle Grayskull WEAPONS RACK.

Finally, Matty announced that Courtroom Peter Venkman will be the new January 2011 Ghostbusters figure (with Slime Blower Winston TBD) as well as two new Wal-Mart exclusive DCUC Two-Packs – Hawkgirl vs Gentleman Ghost and Superman vs Parasite.

Whew! All that makes for a very good Friday!

12 thoughts on “New Mattel DC and Masters of the Universe Figures Announced

  1. It’s not just Gentleman Ghost we need, it’s the Giganta pieces we also need that came with him. Matty needs to include them and quit acting like they can’t budget it. Any company that makes mega billions can budget adding a few C&C pieces into a 2 pack. I’m sick of excuses from companies that they can’t satisfy the demand because they’re afraid it’ll cut into their profits a tiny bit.

  2. Some of those Green Lantern DCUC figures “rock”.

    Very nicely done.
    GL fans….and many others should be very happy with these.!!

  3. Scott Neitlich is the brand manager for DCUC, MOTUC and Ghostbusters. Can you guess how you pronounce his name?

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