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First Look – Retro-Action Ghostbusters Peter Venkman

One year ago, at SDCC 2009, we got our very first (ever) movie-accurate likeness Ghostbusters figure in the Slimed Egon. That was, and still remains a pretty big deal. As I am sure you know, that six inch Movie Masters line is in full swing and we are getting a pretty good movie merch in both the six inch and twelve inch variety. However, Mattel’s license agreement for the Ghostbusters property also includes the animated and toy universe of the Real Ghostbusters. If you grew up in the 1980s you are acutely aware of the awesomeness of both the toy line and the show, so you have probably been waiting on pins and needles to get some toys from this corner of the Ghostbusters mythos. Well, next week at SDCC 2010, you going to finally get your chance.

When Mattel announced their first Real product would be Peter Venkman in his appearance from the animated episode “Citizen Ghost“, fans were pretty excited. When they announced that he would be in the Retro-Action style of the newly minted DC line, reactions were mixed. I have to admit that I was a little lukewarm to the idea but now that I have had a chance to play around with the figure a bit, he is really growing on me. For this style, they have done a pretty good job of translating that animated look into this line. Now, don’t mistake me for one second – I still want a six inch full-blown action figure line for the Real property that is a MOTUC-esque translation of the original Real toy line like nothing else. However, if they continue down this road for some of the core characters I will jump on board, I think we need to start to realize that there is room for A LOT of different Ghostbusters merchandise in the market, especially if we get that long-awaited third installment of the movie franchise off the ground.

Since we are a little pressed for time heading up to our departure for SDCC, here are some main points of interest for this first Ghostbusters foray into the Retro-Action styling:

Pete Venkman has always been a handsome devil

Like the DC counterpart line, Venkman is packaged loose in a bubble on the Retro style card. The other four Busters are featured on the front with him, along with Mr, Staypuft and on the back we also get the inclusion of Slimer (called Green Ghost in the old toy line) and Jeanine. The inclusion of the latter three is very interesting, I would love to see Mattel get to those characters.

Pete Venkman and Hal Jordan

Also like the DC line, Pete uses the Mattel Mego-esque base body. However, to accommodate the voice chip feature he does NOT include the waist articulation. I think I actually prefer this as it adds more stability to the figure and he doesn’t have the “hunch” to him. And that is coming from an articulation junkie.

Ghostbusters Logo
Pete's uniform and accessories. He likes a lot of starch in his jumpsuit.
Proton Pack
Proton Wand

Speaking of the voice chip, yeah, he talks. Now, on the show Venkman was voiced by both the talented Lorenzo Music as well as the Full House Canadian Dave Coulier. Unless I am very much mistaken, the voice used for the figure is neither of their recorded dialogue, but the voice does capture the personality of Peter well enough. He has four different quotes he will spout at random if you push the button on his chest. There are as follows:

  • “Sorry gentlemen, but my public calls”
  • “Dr. Venkman prescribes a nice long nap in the containment unit”
  • “Hey, don’t make fun, this is how I got through college”
  • “Strange, weird, eccentric, sick? That about covers it”

Huh. I never knew they wore unitards under their jumpsuits. I am not sure how I feel about that. Huh.

As I mentioned before, Pete is featured in his costume from the episode “Citizen Ghost“. I am betting the the future installments of the other Busters will be in their more recognizable show and toy colors and a Peter in the dark brown is not far off in our future.

Bustin' still makes me feel good

There is also a chase “slime energy” variant that will be running around the Con too. If you are not making out to San Diego this year, don’t worry, this Pete will be up at on August 2nd.

Generations of Pete Venkman

So, there you have a look at the first Mattel offering from the Real Ghostbusters. Like I said, the Retro-Action style is growing on me, but I still most certainly want a regular action figure line of Real stuff too. There is certainly room for both.

*Thanks so much to Matty and Toy Guru and his crew for making this look possible, stay tuned, still lots more to come and we are not out of Ghostbusters stuff yet!

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