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Ghostbusters – Most Wanted

With the release of Peter Venkman next week, I’ve seen many fans online declare they are done with the movie masters line.  As a huge Ghostbusters fan, I could go for many, many more figures based on these characters.  Besides the unslimed versions of the 4 main busters and what’s already been announced who do we want to see before this line closes down?Thinking over my list of must haves, I’ve put them in order of importance to me.  Do I think that all or even most of these will get made?  No, this is really a dream list of characters that I could see them fitting into their current format. 

I’m going to start with least important and move on to most wanted.

16. Arch Ghost

This monster is a cool design and I want more ghosts for my guys to bust, but the scale issue is a little rough.  I could go for a smaller version packed in with somebody else, though.  It wouldn’t be movie accurate, but it would make a nice figure and the scale issue wouldn’t bother me as much as it would with something like Staypuft.

15. GBII dark grey uniforms (Santa Hats not required)

These featured more prominently in GBII promotional material than actually having screen time. Still, it’s a viable variant of the four busters and could be accomplished cheaply by Mattel. I’d buy them if they came with some interesting stuff.

14. Ghostbuster Louis

Not my preferred version of Louis, but I could see the appeal for many including Mattel and their love of re-use.  Even though he could re-use a lot of current buster parts, I would hope they would shorten him significantly.  He’d be fun to have on the shelf.

13. Scoleri Brothers

Even though they have a lot of screen time and we could always use more ghosts, these two have a low priority for me as I was never a big fan of their designs. They seem kind of large for pack-ins, so I wonder how or if Mattel would tackle them.

12. Janosz

The human antagonist from Ghostbusters II. In a world where you get a Walter Peck figure, it seems possible to get this wiggler.  He’s a little more intersting in his ‘Ghost Nanny’ form, though.  I could see them doing a Vigo painting pack in with somebody. Maybe they could have a flipping feature where one side has the regular Vigo painting and the other has the version where his head is popping out of the frame.

11. Movie Theatre Ghost

This guy had a very brief couple of seconds in GBII, but it’s a cool design and would make a nice pack in for somebody.  The more ghosts, the better.

10. Slime blower Ray and Winston

I love all the equipment and gadgets in the movies, so I would like to see these packs on the guys. It seems like it would be appealing to Mattel as a good re-use of the main body and the Ray and Winston head sculpts. They can just add the equipment and the ghostbusters II patch.

9. Cabbie Ghost

I want all the ghosts from the first film. I can see this guy as a good pack in.

8. Vigo

Viggy, Viggy, Viggy, you’ve been a bad Monkey! The Ghostbusters II antagonist has a toy friendly outfit, but spends most of the movie stuck in a painting. I could go for a Vigo figure with a pack in of Oscar, an alternate ‘Demon’ head and maybe the painting on wheels. They could do another two sided deal for the painting and make one side Vigo and one side the empty background of the painting.

7. Janine Melnitz

I think for Janine I’d prefer a ghostbusters II version. Her hairstyle and outfits were a little more out there and would make for a more interesting figure. As interesting as a receptionist figure can get.

6. Gozer

Once you get your four busters, you need the flat top for them to aim at, right? The NECA version is a little easier/cheaper to get than other characters they made like the terror dogs, but I’d still like an in-scale, more articulated version from Mattel. I suppose if they never get around to it, I’ll pick up the NECA one.

5. Zuul Possessed Dana Barret

Oh, Zuulie, you nut!  Dana rounds off the main characters. My favorite scenes with Dana are the ones right after she is possessed by Zuul and I think that look would make for a more interesting figure than her other looks.  That outfit would be a tough one to pull off in this format, though.

4. Vinz Clortho Louis Tulley

I want to say Toyguru confirmed they can make a Louis figure.   If they make him, a ghostbusters uniform version seems most likely due to the re-use factor, but this is my favorite version of Louis.  I hope we get him like this first.  I love that colander.  If they went with the crazy hair/glowing eyes posessed Louis, that would work for me too.

3. Library Ghost version 2

The greatest moment in the entire film? Possibly. I’m greedy for ghosts here.  I think she looks different enough from her first appearance to warrant a second version.

2. Library Ghost Version 1

I could see this as a pack in ghost with some future ‘buster variant, it’s only a full torso vaporous apparition and would require minimal articulation (for reading and shushing poses) after all. They could cast the sculpt in translucent plastic with some light shading and place on a clear peg for a floating effect.

1.  Terror Dogs

This is probably the most appealing creature design in the movie for my dollar.  I never got the NECA dogs and the things go for crazy amounts on ebay.  Besides, I want a 4H sculpted battle cat style fully articulated dog.  Sure, he doesn’t move much in the movies, but I still want the option to pose how I choose.  Mattel could even go the NECA route and do individual Vinz Clortho and Zuul versions to maximize profits.  Heck, even if they didn’t make a variant a lot of folks would buy two anyway, right?

You may notice a conspicuous absence of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  I just really don’t know how you would do that character justice in the six inch scale.  I’d spend some dough on a really large vinyl one if they made it, though.  The Ecto-1 is also something I’d love to see in this scale, but I really don’t see that ever happening.

Who do you want to see? 

12 thoughts on “Ghostbusters – Most Wanted

  1. JUST found out there’ll shortly be a Minimate of the Titanic captain’s ghost. He didn’t appear on-screen though, so technically there are no proper Titanic ghosts (as they appeared on-screen) figures.

  2. True. I just really don’t have a lot of love for the minimate aesthetic. I do love the movies so much that I’ve been sorely tempted to pick the GB minimates up, though.

  3. All of these have already been made, or announced, as Minimates. If you want to collect more than just the 4 ghostbusters, check these out. You’re already used to part re-use, if you collect the mattel line, so no excuses!

  4. @ Rage: I think his name is Sam Haim (or Hain?). Yeah, he’s on my favorites list, too!

    I definitely want the Slime Blower Ray & Winston, those are must-haves for any fan! Vinz with a removeable helmet would be really fun!

  5. Vigo is the one figure I want in the Ghostbusters line more than pretty much anybody else.

    He’s actually the one action figure I pretty much want more than any action figure ever; I kid you not.

  6. agreed on alot, heck i missed out on alot of the the first releases so im going to re-buy them, but anything Louis, the terror dogs, Dana Barret, and of course Janine hah you gota have theyre secretary!

  7. I love everything on that list, and I’d love to see it all happen. Beyond the 4 main ‘busters, though, I think I’d mostly love to see ghosts get some love. And if we never see but one more human character make it out, I want Vinz Clortho Louis with the colander on his head (or at the very least a regular head sculpt with the colander packed in!).

    Scoleri Brothers are VERY high on my list because they’re very visually interesting, And the Librarian (as a solid human form translucent torso) packed with her monster form is hands-down number one for me! Matty’s got the ball in their court these days…I’d hate to see them drop it when they have so many cool options for things to make!

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