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3AA exclusive Nom de Plume

Check out the packaged picture of 3AA exclusive WWRP Nom de Plume:

I’m really excited about this figure.  Cloth on 1/12th scale figures is  something I really don’t like to see, but I think it’s looking really impressive on these figures so far.  I also love, love, love the Star Wars homage cardback.  It’s so cool that I’m tempted to leave the figure in it’s packaging.  It’s kinda neat to have a couple of my hard and fast rules of collecting (soft goods suck and toys should be played with) challenged by a really well done looking figure.

Click through for some more details about this figure and possible variants:

This is the 1/12th  (marvel legends) scale version of Ashley Wood’s World War Robot character.  The figure will be made available to individuals who bought a 3AA club membership as part of the membership kit.  Membership benefits included discounts on 3A toys sold at, opportunities for exclusive variants, and a membership kit to include at least a 3A t-shirt and the above figure.  The membership was available for a short window.

I feel fortunate to have  caught 3A fever at the right time and purchased the membership (many thanks to fwooshers the toy doc, Indy and Moldie for turning me on to these figures), so I will have this version of De Plume when the membership kit ships! (You can’t see it, but I’m taking a break to do a happy dance) The larger 1/6th scale de Plume had several variants and I’m assuming that these will be released in 1/12th scale, so there may still be some 1/12th scale de Plume chances if you missed out.  The few variants of de Plume in this scale that have been shown in various states of completion include:

Blanc de Plume

1/12 scale Blanc de Plume test with his 1/6th brother

Blanc was available as a free gift with purchase of a set of robots (a set of 6 Large Martin models and 3 Bramble models with rocket launchers)from  That set is sold out now.

Gebi de Plume

1/12 scale Gebi de Plume with his 1/6 scale brother and two Blancs

3A has not announced how Gebi will be made available.

Noir and DIY

Test cards for Noir de Plume and a DIY version

The Noir de Plume variant has been announced as a Beijing show (June 25th)exclusive.  The delivery method for the DIY version ( a completely blank version intended for customizing) has not been announced yet.  There are also a few more de Plumes that Ashley Wood has hinted at but not yet confirmed or shown – Kuan Ti Plume and Fallen de Plume.  3A also recently released a 1/6th scale Jung de Plume:

1/6th scale Jung de Plume

This could conceivably be released in the 1/12th scale as well, but has not been announced. 

I’ll continue to post about 3A info here, but your best bet for finding out release information  for these guys are the 3A production blog , the 3A forum news section or fwoosh’s own 3A toys discussion.