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Why I Like DC Universe Classics Reason #13.1 – Negative Man

So, this is a little different. We are already organizing our traditional staff look at the latest DCUC Series (13 for those of you that are counting). So, in the meantime, I just want to highlight some of things that this series holds that furthers one of the best (in my opinion) action figure lines going right now. First up is Negative Man.

So why do I like Negative Man? Particularly this Negative Man figure?

#1. The Doom Patrol. I have never had a plastic Doom Patrol. Now, I have three of the six members I find essential to the team. C’mon Elasti-Girl, Mento and The Chief.

On the Doom Patrol!

#2. Put a Band-Aid on it. So, test pilot Larry Trainer flew through some pretty serious radio-activity, giving him his powers. In the awesome spirit of the ’60s, he just puts on some bandages to protect others from his radioactivity and rolls with it. Duck and cover!

I wanna fight Mike Tyson!

#3. Bill Benecke. Yeah, Mattel’s Lead Designer for DCUC is looking out for us. Sure, the variant has always looked neat, but they managed to keep it a secret that he has a fully sculpted and painted skull under his invisi-face. Awesome. Oh yeah, the Four Horsemen had a little something to do with that too.

Ahhh, that's better! Heeeeeeeeeeeeres LARRY!
Double Negative!
I just can't lie. People can see right through me.

Check Back tomorrow for another reason why I like DC Universe Classics!

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7 thoughts on “Why I Like DC Universe Classics Reason #13.1 – Negative Man

  1. The face comes off? That is AWESOME!!!

    I had no idea that it could do that.

    Great surprise feature.


  2. Ah… VeeBee’s right. We still need Elasti-Girl, Mento and The Chief.

    And as far as Negative Man goes, …I sure would have liked to have a “black-energy” Negative man to go with these two.

    And Rita may need three figures: small, regular size, and C&C size. (Or maybe I want too much.)

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