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Marvel Legends and DC Universe Classic Top Ten Results – Spring 2010

So, have we left you waiting long enough? Do you really want to know who made it into the Marvel Legends and DC Universe Classics Top Tens after all of this time? Has the oath of the Brown Lantern Corps gotten in the way of your need to know who placed in the Top Ten as soon as possible?

Well, we finally have the results for you. Like always there were some expecteds and some surprises in the results. You know the drill, read on to find out who took the coveted top spots!

So, how should we do this? Top spot first? Tenth place first? Hmm… Spin the wheel… round and round… what do we have? We’ll lead with the top vote-getters for both lines first! Here we go!

Marvel Legends DC Universe Classics

Don’t worry – we’ll get to them one day!

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