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DCUC March Madness – Winner!

Close. So very, very close. The final two titans of the DC action figure sect duked it out on Oa until the thrilling end to determine your choice for the number one DC action figure – and it was a photo finish. Without further adieu, your 2010 DC Universe March Madness is…


Squeaking past the mammoth Collect and Connect Kilowog, Oliver Queen wins in dramatic fashion at 51% to 49% – less than 15 votes are the difference. A great finish to an exciting tournament – it really did have it all: stompings, close-calls, spoilers, cinderellas – everything. In the end though, the best figure won out above all the rest and Green Arrow is your champion.

View the final bracket HERE

Some of our regional organizers decided to share some thoughts on the tournament overall:

Ibentmyman-thing said:

Not relenting to personal character bias is hard. I hovered over a favorite character many times before forcing myself to vote for the better figure. Steppenwolf lost to Lobo in the first round. I love both characters, but don’t totally love both figures. Lobo is a fantastic figure…but he’s too tall. He’s not the best Lobo he could be. Steppenwolf however is the best Steppenwolf he could be. Using that guideline throughout the tournament made things easier. But watching figures that synched up with my guidelines for myself lose, like Robotman being the best Robotman he could be, but Batgirl not being the best Batgirl she could be and yet still making Robotman her metal bitch, made me flush crocodiles down the toilet. And everybody knows if you do that they just go into the sewer and grow into ginormous man-eating crocodiles that plague the city. So really, those giant crocs are your fault. For voting for Batgirl. So you think about what you did when those crocs are munching your legs. You think about it.

Samuron was heard to remark:

For me, this tournament wasn’t so much about who made it to the final rounds (although I do think Blue Beetle did have the benefit of a pretty good draw) as much as it was about who lost it early. I championed Batman against Blue Beetle, but Bats really should have lost in the first round to Gorilla Grodd. Grodd may have limited articulation, but he’s a freaking gorilla, and has one of the best head sculpts in the line. Lex Luthor in his classic purple and green jumpsuit was also underappreciated in the first round. Black Canary is good, but Lex is great. And one of the heartbreakers for me was Deadshot running into the nigh unstoppable Hawkman in the second round. He’s one of the best in the line.

Finally, canonball observed:

Overall, I thought this was a fun way to determine what the Fwoosh, collectively, thinks of the DCUC line in terms of figure preferences AND character preferences, but what was most interesting for me was how often I found that I was voting against the majority. I went into this thinking my own figure preferences aligned with everyone else’s, but I found out quickly that I couldn’t have been more wrong. Steppenwolf’s first-round termination left me with some sour grapes because I was I thought he was a lock and a genuine contender to win the whole thing. That single loss forced me to look at the entire tournament from a different perspective and showed me I couldn’t take anything for granted. Then Iron and Deadshot both went out, and the world stopped making sense to me altogether. However, despite some real “WTF??” moments, I do think the final four was a solid representation of some of the best the line has to offer, and I was especially happy to see a figure like Blue Beetle make it so far. This was a lot of fun. We definitely have to do it again.

Thanks for a fun tournament, everyone! Maybe we will do it again next year. Maybe.

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