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New Custom Tuesday – 3/16/2010

New Custom Tuesday is a weekly, creator submitted list of the latest custom action figures. This list provides a convenient way to check out all the latest custom creations posted in the galleries without having to search each individual thread.

For this week’s customs, read on!

This week’s featured custom is ethansuplee’s Gorilla Man!

Gorilla Man - ethansuplee

Not only is he a terrific character actor*, starring in such classic films as Mallrats and The Butterfly Effect**, it turns out that Ethan Suplee is also a damn good customizer***.  Made while Mr. Suplee was on hiatus from ‘My Name is Earl’, Gorilla Man here is a perfect match for the character found in the pages of Agents of Atlas.

Ken Hale, Gorilla Man

In the Marvel Universe, Ken Hale was a hunter who, upon killing an immortal mystic Gorilla, was transformed into an immortal mystic Gorilla while keeping his human intellect.  Pretty cool, huh?  Well okay, it’s silly, but it’s a good kind of silly and Agents of Atlas was a great miniseries.  Check it out if you get the chance.

ethansuplee did an amazing job translating this character to figure form.  The fodder choices are inspired and blended nicely with some clean sculpting.  I love the  details he added like the shoulder straps and all the little belt pockets.  Check out the recipe and more pics at ethan’s thread by clicking the above picture.

*ethansuplee may not actually be the actor Ethan Suplee.  His name may not actually be Ethan.  It could possibly be just a clever screen name.  We may never know the truth.

**Okay, The butterfly effect was not a classic movie.  You got me.  Mallrats is pretty good, though.

***It is clear though, whatever the truth about his identity may be, fwoosh’s ethansuplee is a damn good customizer.  Check out his thread.  You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s the rest of this week’s customs.  Check them out and give the guys props by clicking the pics and commenting on their custom gallery threads!

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Moonracer - Gizmo

Justice Lords Superman - Hagop
Constrictor - Lucid Silverback esq.
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Deadpool - anthonyrapitis
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Butterball - Calbretto
Butterball - Calbretto

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