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DCUC March Madness – Coast City: Regional Semifinals

We had some nail-biting finishes in the second round of the Coast City regional match-ups. The New Gods have been falling like Big East teams, and some of the more known characters are surviving on popularity alone. Two-Face fell before he had a chance at either of the Dynamic Duo, Mantis couldn’t absorb Mister Miracle, Drake and Bake outdid Animal Man’s senses, and the World’s Greatest Detective outsmarted the numerous yet simple minions of Darkseid.

Voting for this bracket ends on March 29th, so make your picks now!

View the full Bracket HERE

Batman vs  Mr. Miracle

Can the Silver Age Caped Crusader win gold against this pegwarming, heartwarming escape artist?

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Brainiac (SP) vs Robin III

Will the final DCSH baddie be able to hold off the staff and speed of the Boy Wonder?

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