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Toy Fair 2010 – DC Universe Classics

Here are the quick hits from Mattel’s DCUC presentation.  We also had a one on one with Scott Neitlich (Toy Guru) with some more tidbits, and will have that up probably tomorrow night.  At the end there are some cool tidbits from Cornboy of the Four Horsemen!

Wave 14:

(Wal Mart Exclusive)

Zatanna – Removable hat.  Hip articulation will be the same as Black Canary, but Cornboy tells me that if they ever do another character with fishnets, including if Black Canary ever gets re-released in a new deco, they should be able to fix the problem and give the figure side-hip movement.  For those wondering about Zatanna’s feet re: the fishnets—the shoes are a separate tool and attached on top of the fishnets.

Gold will feature die cast parts just as Iron did.  Unclear whether it will be just his fists or even more.

The paint on Hourman’s cowl is something they have been toying with and it is possible that it could end up featuring the “shadowing” that is commonly depicted in the comics.  It is too far in to make any changes to the head sculpts of Alan Scott or Obsidian.  SIDE NOTE:  Cornboy was surprised to hear there was any negative reaction to those sculpts.  He said they chose an open mouthed Scott because a tremendous amount of the art they received on him showed him that way.  For Obsidian, they wanted to reflect that the character has at times been a villain, and is an overall “pissy” guy.

Wave 15 and 16 will NOT be exclusives.

GREEN LANTERN 5-PACK WAL MART EXCLUSIVE should hit stores around June 15th.  Features

Guy Gardner (2UP shown)

Tomar Re (2UP shown)

Hal Jordan with grey temples (JL Europe Hal)

John Stewart in Mosaic costume

Sinestro in Green Lantern uniform (uses the Hal Jordan buck with the existing Sinestro head)

There will be Matty exclusive DCUC product (though not 2-packs) but they can’t announce anything specific yet.  There will also be other retailer exclusive product but it would be in the form of multi-packs, NOT regular waves.  There might be Target exclusive product, but there is NOT a “Target Wave”.

The DCUC SDCC con exclusive will be announced in April.  As reported previously, it will have 5 accessories, one of which will only be available at SDCC.

More from Cornboy:

I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Cornboy of the Four Horsemen and here’s a few tidbits from our conversation that may be of interest.

*Double knees and elbows:  They’re pretty proud of the articulation scheme on the new Blue Beetle and we will definitely be seeing more double joints on characters that need it.  Cornboy feels that as long as the line keeps going strong, double joints will slowly get phased in and become somewhat standard, although we will probably never see them on large characters that don’t really call for it, like say Despero or Grodd.

*Legion bucks: I asked him “if” they do Legion, would they be adult sized, teen sized or what.  He said they would definitely be teens, but bigger than the “Teen Titan” size buck (like Kid Flash).  He said they would be similar to the “Sinestro” size—larger than Kid Flash, but smaller than the Manta buck.  However, he also acknowledged that some characters, like Ultra Boy would need to be bulkier and a DCUC LoSH will NOT just be cookie cutter bucks—they will have a lot of variation.

*Neck articulation: The problem with the reduced neck articulation has been addressed.  I asked Cornboy why it changed in the first place.  He said it was the engineer/factory stage.  4H never changed anything on their end—they had always been using the barbell neck.  But someone down the line after them, for whatever reason, thought the “anchor” would be an improvement.  This is something that happened because the 4H had previously not received actual in-hand test shots, only pictures.  Now they do receive actual in-hand test shots and if a problem like that were to arise again they could catch it.


4 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2010 – DC Universe Classics

  1. All this sounds great. Thank you for doing the interview.
    The SDCC exclusive sure sounds like Plas but this interview gives me hope.

    “The DCUC SDCC con exclusive will be announced in April. As reported previously, it will have 5 accessories, one of which will only be available at SDCC.”

    “One of which”. Maybe Plas as some shape? This means vanilla Plas with 4 “accessories” won’t be con exclusives? So on thier site? If this is true I’m so gobbling him up!

    As a full time working class husband and father of four kids, I can’t just jump on a plane, leave Utah and fly to SDCC. I can’t go. I don’t want this to mean I can’t finish my JLA becuase Plas is just for those who can attend.

  2. Glad to hear that there will only be ONE exclusive wave, especially from Target. BUT DAYUM!!!!! Why would they keep that Sh!tty articulation on Zatanna that they used on Black Canary…WTF! O_o

    And they can change MOss Man a thousand fu&*ing times, but its too late to do anything to Alan Scott or Obsidian.

    Isn’t the Hal Jordan buck body too bulky for Sinestro?!?!?

    And maybe I’m just being negative right now, but I’d prefer that the articulation stayed to the standard that they have now unless they plan on doing a clean break and just changing it all in one wave and leave it as such going forward. Then the it doesn’t get the un-uniformed look that plagued the TB Marvel Legends line.

    Oh yeah, please please please let there be more die cast parts than just a friggin chain…that whole Iron “With die cast parts!” was just lame.


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