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Project Runway: Eternia – Weapons Pak

In our final Masters of the Universe Classics First Look for this series we are pouring over a brand new SKU to the line – The Weapons Pak. Not just any weapons pak, this is the Ultimate Battle Ground edition! Within this set we have repaints of many of the weapons and costumes you have gotten with your MOTUC figures made different to keep up with the ever-evolving Eternian fashion. Since this is all about Eternian style and panache, we have a very special guest reviewer to guide you through all of the fashions so that you can be a trendsetter in Eternian chic. Before I turn it over to our mystery guest I leave you with this: Make it work!

Good journey to you all! It’s me, your Eternian Guide to high fashion, Gunn-Dar! We are now headed to the Runway to see which of our Masterful runway models will be in, and who will be out. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Gunn-Dar live from the runway at Eternia's Fashion Week

Before we get to the fashions themselves, everybody knows that packaging always helps sell the product and this Weapons Pak is housed in a very smart looking blister card. The back even features some of the Masterful models that will be featured with the accessories tonight!

Coming down the runway first is our newly debuted Master of Camouflage, Moss Man. He is sporting a snappy yellow version of the Beastman armor that matches his season perfectly – just in time for Spring. He has matched it with a smart silver version of his classic mace, perfect when the casual brown just won’t do. Master of Camouflage or no, there is no reason for Moss Man to hide in this sharp ensemble.

Moss Man makes it work in his yellow armor and stylish silver mace

Sorry Beastman, while you made the original furry armor famous, you just don’t ¬†have the complexion to make it a fashion-forward choice. The red whip does coordinate with your vintage look, sometimes it is best to stick to the classics.

While Beastman in yellow is a fashion "no", the red whip will make them say "whoa".

Next up is the most famous Master of them all – He-Man. The incognito Eternian prince shows that just because you only appear in ugly situations doesn’t mean your clothes have to be! Blue is certainly in season this Winter and the only thing He-Man needs is complimenting Ice Armor to pull the whole look together.

He-Man is certainly not giving the runway a cold shoulder with his icy blue Sword of Power, axe and shield.

And who is this? Why it is Keldor associate Kronis! This bad boy from Infanitia eventually becomes seriously armed for combat, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy hot accessories before his fall. Kronis is looking fierce with his Eternian Blaster and short sword, now with striking blue accents!

Kronis is fabulous with his matching blaster and short sword.

Our trendiest spider-man, Webstor is out to prove that sometimes it is better to go unnoticed for an Evil Master of Escape! When the classic orange rifle puts you in danger of going from hip to costume, a more subdued gray can show that under-ground cavern dwellers should be known for their accessible panache!

Every Arachnoid man should have a smart, gray rifle in his arsenal. The little black dress has nothing on this!

Oh, Zodac, while we love your hot new magenta harness, ray gun and staff, they just cannot go with your doughty old red helmet! When cruising the cosmos YOU need to be the real star; the accessories will help get you there but helmet needs a revamp to make it work!

Zodac, you need update your entire look for these hot new weapons. Magenta harnesses are the new skinny jeans!

Here we have the rugged rogue Tri-Klops showing that it is possible to coordinate when you find yourself stuck with more than one sword. The mustard hilt compliments his classic green eye and says that you need to have full gamma vision to really appreciate this avant guard look.

Three eyes and two swords make for stunning asymmetrical statement!

Strutting his stuff down the runway next is Etherian tyrant Hordak. Hec-tor Kur has always been one of the most cutting edge dictators when it comes to fashion, but all work and no play makes Hordikins a dull bat-pig-man! His new silver crossbow is as fashionable in the Fright Zone as it is in the hottest clubs of Brightmoon!

Go from work to play without having to change your outfit. Black and Silver crossbows are business on the left and party on the right!

Even with most of his time spent training Eternian princes and inventing hot new technology for all of Eternos, Man-at-Arms knows that fighting Evil Warriors and fighting Snake Men is as different as fighting Coco Chanel and Betsy Johnson. Snakes are green so make sure that you pick the right electronic Power Sword!

The older Eternian gentleman doesn't need to be stuck back in the Great Unrest when comes to accessorizing. This season green is in!

Hey there, Scareglow! Even while haunting the halls of Castle Grayskull you have to keep your outfit fresh! Some days it’s not easy being green so show that stuffy old Sorceress that you have the power of Grayskull when it comes to fashion with this sleek pewter Scythe of Doom!

You won't "scare" away the trendy Dark Hemisphere crowd with the brand new pewter Scythe of Doom - this season's most fashionable weapon of death.

Finally, we have our show-stopper Stratos proving that what is old can be new again and alternative 1980s fashions are on the brink of smashing the looks of Eternia from the Vine Jungle to the Sands of Time. This red jet pack was a high concept limited edition in the vintage days, now coming back to show it was so far ahead of it’s time. Blue wings have to be next and suddenly Avion will be turned on it’s furry-feathered ear.

The red jet pack has alway been very fashion-daring. Stratos will be setting all of the Avion trends this year!

And I have to see it from the back too. Make it work, Stratos!

The front will impress but the back of the red jet pack will knock them on their furry shorts!

Wow! What a showing! These hot new weapons and accessories will be setting all of the trends in the Light and Dark Hemispheres this season. Our Masterful Models really did make it work and should certainly make it clear that Eternia needs future Weapon’s Paks to stay at the forefront of Geek Chic! This is your Eternian Guide to Style, Gunn-Dar saying, “Make it Work!”

Ta-Ta from Eternia's Fashion Week!

*Wow, seriously? Well, thanks for suffering our little fashion show and thanks to the perennial fashionista Matty for sending this cool Weapons Pak along. Look for it soon at!

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9 thoughts on “Project Runway: Eternia – Weapons Pak

  1. I wonder how close Zodac’s new accessories color is to the color of the orbs on comic He-Man’s belt. I was thinking of combining the two like Wun-Dar and making a completely new character … Glam-Or!

  2. LOL, GREAT review. The pack is worth it just for this article alone.

    Well, if you can put She-Ra in MOTU, then your can bring MOTU to POP’s Fantastic Fashions. Why knew? They made it work!

  3. Great review concept.

    I’m liking the Weapons Pak. There is nothing essential in the pack that, if it were missed, I would be crushed – but having choices on the colors of the weapons is a nice option.

  4. Thanks for the review! I’m still undecided on this set. There’s some great repaints that make sense, then there’s the disasterous colors that Zodac and He-man are sporting.

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