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The Fwoosh Customizers Best of 2009

We’ve done the Fwoosh staff’s best figures of 2009, and now it’s time for the Fwoosh customizers to highlight their best work of the past year.

In no particular order (ok, it’s in the order in which you sent these to me), here we go!

Shredder by Discogod –

Made for the Fwoosh Secret Santa.

Giant Absorbing Man by ethansuplee –

Groot by sexyvonpoopy

Dirty Dog Designs sent me an 18 inch Spider-man and told me to let him know what I did with it. I made a Groot. I only make a few customs a year and this one is equal to about 2 and a half. I put bark all around after sanding down details. I put branches in using wire that bends because
I thought he would fall over a lot being so tall. The wire branches were covered in Plasti-Dip then painted with faux-stone and finally covered in multiple coats of brown. This allows the branches  to bend without chipping paint. When finished I sent him to Rick Coronel because he had the rest of the Gaurdians of the Galaxy team made and it was a good idea.

Z-95 Headhunter with Pilot & Astromech Droid by Rabid_Ewok –

Captain America by Ibentmman-thing

Frost Giants by Captain Ron –

Orson Randall, The Immortal Iron Fist by rowdy –

Killer Croc by WeaponXII

Spider Slayer Mark II by Pearsonic –

Iron Man 1944 by glorbes

Ultimates Hawkeye by grinman –

Ultron by Thwiptster

Valkyrie by lefthook –

Sabertooth Tiger by Arez –

GI Joe Office Diorama by CustomCreator –

Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter by Rust This World

Scandal Savage by Prodigy

While I didn’t make many customs at all this year and truthfully I really didn’t make anything that great to me, I feel that Scandal here took the most work and took the most “fodder vision” to put together. I think out of all the stuff I did this year she came out the best.

World War Hulk by rascal!

The World War Hulk turned out great because I spent about an entire year trying to perfect him.

Duke Nukem by UHFvsTheWorld –

Duke was one I wanted to do for a long time, but never got the right parts. Then one day I was staring at my LCBH shelf and realized Duke was staring back at me in the form of Stryker. It took some more looking for an appropriate right arm to replace the 3 cyber-arms, but it got there. I am most proud of changing his facial expression from a full on gritting of the teeth to a more Nukem-like Sneered lip. Face detail has never been my strong suit so that was an accomplishment for me. Even with the reports of 3d-Realms closing shop and no Duke Nukem Forever(ever), the character and game still hold a special place in my gaming memories, so I am proud to have made a cool custom of the King.

Ant Man by Calbretto –

My favourite custom that I put together this year has to be Ant Man (Eric O’Grady). Not only was I extremely pleased with how he turned out, but he also helped me with my entry for the Fwoosh Custom Covers contest in the summer.

Dex-Starr by TheGDbatman –

Ms. Marvel by raydaimon

Really thought Ms.Marvel turned out nicely. Parts blended great and she looks a lot less awkward than the one released with the Giant Man wave. Probably the most organic looking female figure I have on my shelf at present since the joints don’t stand out much either.

Mr. Tawky Tawny by hagop –

Zabu by GrownNerd –

Armadillo by L Customs

  • Base-Marvel Select Hulk
  • Shoulder Pad/Shell-Onslaught
  • Rest Apoxie Sculpt.

Had alot of fun making this guy.

Iron Patriot by levit05

ROC Joes by Rateeg

Strong Guy by nobody1898

Thor (Walt Simonson inspired) by Lestat

Hellboy by NORM

this year marked my first foray into commissions and 1:6 scale figures, so those came with their own challenges. however, for what i consider to be my default scale, this 6″ scale HELLBOY was my most intensive and satisfying work. the combination of parts and accessories came together serendipitously, and every time i look at the figure, i can’t help but smile. it’s easily my favorite custom i’ve done this year, and among my favorite customs in my collection.

Robin (Tim Drake) by lesternessman

And last (and certainly not least)…

Bob, Agent of Hydra by SamuRon –

I knew I wanted to make a Bob, but had no idea how.  I ended up re-purposing a base body I had put together for an Icons-sized Daredevil (I didn’t know at the time Hasbro was going to make an excellent one).  It’s a rotocast House of M Spider-Man with rotocast Daredevil head, gloves, and boots, all from Toy Biz way back when.

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