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First Look – DC Super Friends Robin

In the last installment of this round of our new Mattel First Looks we bring you the DC Super Friends Robin figure. The Super Friends line started off at retail but has since found a new home on Matty Collector. Right now they are featuring this Robin along with a “brown” deco of the previously hard to find Hawkman. Read on for some thoughts and pictures.

In a line that has capitalized on reuse for it’s “chunky” design, Robin is a complete departure as he is an entirely new sculpt. He had to be though as the previous body type would be completely wrong, but he still retains the feel of the previous figures in a design that appeals to the younger DC collector crowd (as well as some twenty-somethings).

His head sculpt has a lot of personality and I think his expression is not only appropriate for the line, but also for the character. Where before getting a smiling Batman in this line was kind of ironically funny, like wise Robin’s smile is appropriately cheerful. I also like the slender build for Robin as it not only makes him smaller than the other figures but also makes him look younger. While Batman had the more classic light blue and togs with yellow symbol, this Robin has more of a modern feel to him in terms of look. The two still look cohesive together and I am glad to have the dynamic duo together in this line. Robin can ride right along in the passenger’s seat of the Bat Mobile.

Robin Close Up

Robin includes a disk-shooter accessory that he can “ride” on complete with two disks. It is brightly colored and large enough for little fans.

Robin's Disk Shooter
Robin and Disk Shooter

Overall, I am glad to have Robin in this line, it seems like so long ago that other came out, but I do hope they find new life for them on Matty Collector. It would be neat to see Mattel go a little off the map in terms of character selection – Deadshot would be hilarious in this style. I am not sure what the plans are past Robin and Hawkman, but I hope there is still some life left in this line.

The Dynamic Duo
Robin and Friends

*Thanks for reading and thanks so much to Toy Guru for making these First Looks possible. See you in the Multiverse!

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