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Secret Identities – Simun

simunI ask fwooshmembers questions.. .

They answer them.

Simun: “it could get a bit out of hand for me”

Why is your name Simun?

It’s my actual name. It’s pronounced the same way you would say Simon, just the Croatian version of the spelling. As far as why I’m named that, it’s more of a question for my parents.

What is your favorite property?

It would probably have to be Marvel. Similar to the the Onion article that came out recently, I think I know more about the Marvel Universe than I do about my own family tree. A close second would be Masters of the Universe but that’s more for nostalgic reasons than anything. I was a child of the 80s who had the power. Actually the great thing I find about MOTU is there is no established continuity. You can just make up whatever you want for those characters and their back stories.

What color is the castle that looks like a skull?

Haha, green? It kinda looks green? Someone should brush its teeth. But to tell the truth I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be Greyskull or Grayskull. Can I look that up and get back to you? Or like I said before you can just pick which you like and go with that.

i_heart_nyWhere do you live?

I graduated college in 05 and decided to move to Nassau County on Long Island because I figured I would have both NYC and Long Island job markets open to me while I was looking. I spent three years in Rockville Centre then bought a studio on the east side of midtown last July. I was working crazy hours and had the opportunity to purchase so I moved into Manhattan. I like it. It’s not for everyone but it works for me.

Where do you work?

I work as a database administrator for an Insurance company in the financial district. I’ve been there for 4 years and seen the company grow from 350 employees to nearly 900. A ton of growth in a short amount of time means long hours and lots of stress but at the same time tons of job stability. My commute is great, I take the 4/5 downtown 4 stops to the Wall St stop and since I work in the Equitable building, the train gets out underneath the building. No need to go outside. I also walk home a few times a week when its not cold\raining which is about 4 miles. That’s fun because I get to take different streets home, which allows me to see a lot of Manhattan

Who is in you family?

I have a younger sister and an aunt and grandma who I’m close to. I also have a some first cousins I see a couple times a year but wish we could get together more.

Any pets?

Unfortunately no. I would like a dog but because of all the hours I work and how much I’m out and about, it really wouldn’t be fair to the dog. Maybe someday.

What are your future plans?

I’m not really sure? I turned 27 this month; I’m pretty well educated. I have a MS in IS and BS in IT, I have a solid career so far, and a large mortgage which I still can’t figure out how I pay off but I do. Where I go from here? I’m not sure but I think I’ve been doing ok so far?

Do you customize?

I tried the whole customizing thing a few years ago but all my stuff sucked and it was more frustrating than fun so I quit. If something is easy or if one of my toys needs a small fix I can handle that but as far as whole figures and things…no

IMG00065-20090825-1956Do you cook?

Just really simple stuff. I don’t live with anyone so I find it hard to make meals for one without wasting a bunch of food or ingredients. I’ll bring sandwiches/soup and stuff like that for lunch at work then make something easy for dinner. Once or twice a week I’ll go out for lunch/dinner but that can get pricey around here

What is in your collection?

Lots and lots of Marvel Legends and some other small stuff. The small stuff is the main characters from some properties that I like. Right now everything is boxed up in storage because I have no room. Going from a 2 bedroom apt to a 1-room studio puts a big damper on displaying a collection. I’ve also gotten into the MOTUC line in the past year, which is really the only thing I display right now. Around the time I was getting ready to move and pack up, Hasbro pretty much stopped making ML but I wasn’t all that upset about it. There are no Wal-Mart’s or Targets in Manhattan and there is one TRU. It would be hard to keep up with a collection especially with exclusives and such. That’s why I like the business model of MOTUC. Much easier for someone like me who does not have access to retail stores.

Where do you vacation? Where would you like to vacation?

I haven’t been on a vacation in nearly 5 years. I take time off but don’t really go anywhere. At this point I think I’m currently the most west I’ve ever been. I’ve been north to Buffalo/Niagara Falls, South down as far as Florida and the Caribbean, and east to Europe to Croatia twice. I guess I’d like to party in Vegas? But that just sounds like it could get a bit out of hand for me, haha

What other sites do you visit?

I don’t really visit other sites like fwoosh. It’s the only forum where I’m an active member. Beyond that, I use the internet for pretty normal stuff like email and shopping, nothing exciting. The last five sites (other than fwoosh) in my browsing history are yahoo, piratebay, espn, slickdeals, and failblog

What do you spend your money on?

After I pay monthly expenses, there isn’t a whole lot left to play around with but I do what I can. I do try and take advantage of what NYC has to offer although I really don’t care for the traditional things like Broadway theaters or fancy restaurants. I am a fan of NY sports teams so I try to get to a few games every year. I’m not sure that I spend money on anything all that interesting

What is wrong with you?

Nothing. I am awesome.

Thanks, Simun.

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