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Tips to Find DC Universe Classics Wave 9 and Pics of Chemo “Variant”

Like many of you, I have begun to rely increasingly on pre-orders from online retailers for my action figure fix.  So when I got an email on Monday from Big Bad Toy Store (one of the sponsors at AFP and the Fwoosh) saying that they wouldn’t be able to honor my preorder for DC Universe Classics Wave 9 because of a Mattel shortfall in production, I was suitably distressed.  After all, the point of pre-ordering was so I didn’t have to worry about having to deal with the hassle of hunting them down.

If you’re in the same position, here’s some tips you may find helpful to find DCUC Wave 9:

Tip 1: Check your local comic book store. Although Diamond was reportedly shorted, just like everyone else, shipments are showing up at the LCSs.  I was lucky enough to be meeting NYC Fwooshers GrownNerd and Hagop09 at one of their local stores, Midtown Comics, tonight.  And they had *just* put out their shipment right before we arrived.

As an aside, GN showed me the differences between the amount of bubbles in the Chemo Collect & Connect torso and head that comes with Wildcat.  Some folks have theorized that this is a variant, but after seeing it side by side, we’re convinced it’s a production error.  There is an inside shell with more bubbles that some of the Chemo torsos are missing.


As you can see, the number of bubbles is not based on which version of Wildcat you get.  These are both the black-suited version – and if you can’t tell, the properly assembled Chemo piece is in with the figure on the right.  Based on our tiny sample – GN and I bought these two tonight, and Hagop had bought one earlier – missing the inner set of bubbles may be a fairly common, as two out of the three we had bought had the inner piece missing.  It won’t affect constructing Chemo, but it’s something to check for.

(Photo credit to GrownNerd.)

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3 thoughts on “Tips to Find DC Universe Classics Wave 9 and Pics of Chemo “Variant”

  1. Now the whole wave seems really hard to get.
    At this point, I would be happy to be minus a few bubbles!
    What the heck happened???
    Chinese workers shut down early??

  2. each of the three we’ve seen had the coupling ring. I’ve heard of similar problems with earlier C&Cs, but it didn’t seem that common a production issue.

  3. My Chemo torso came with a bubbled insert but no coupling ring at the bottom to attach it to the lower torso.Is THIS common?

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