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Fwoosh Week in Review – 8/23/9

Many may have noticed there was no fwoosh week in review last week. OK, some of you may have noticed. Well, I know one person noticed at least. But this week…something happened! At least a few things. Enough to babble into a column.

After much procrastination and smashing of imaginary watermelons…Hasbro finally provided the results to their fan vote Poll. We now know the three figure that we, the fans of Marvel Legends, picked. Or at least, that you picked. I think I forgot to vote. Because I am indeed a friggin’ genius. Constrictor probably only needed one vote, too. This is why democracy fails!

Anyway, the winners announced in The Microverse were:

Deadpool, Black Widow…and Valkyrie.


Yeah, Deadpool winning a slot was not a surprise at all, since the previous Deadpool figure was difficult to find to say the least, and if all of Deadpool’s fans were to to pile themselves one on top of the other–the first five or so guys would be crushed to death. So don’t do that. This has been a public service message.

Black Widow winning a slot was also not a surprise, due to her previous figure not holding up well when compared to further female efforts, and this one looking pretty good.

And Valkyrie has been a much needed and wanted figure ever since her prototype was shown for inclusion in the Fin Fang Foom wave. But then she was cut. Actually, she had been cut before we saw the prototype, so in essence she never really existed. Trippy.

Speaking of much needed and wanted…Where the hell is FA Storm, Hasbro. Is she hiding? Did you lose her? Must I send the ninjas? I’ll do it man. Ninjas all jacked up on Red Bull. You DON’T want twitchy ninjas knocking on your

door. Mess you up.

Speaking of Hasbro not screwing up…it now falls to Hasbro to (Constrictor) choose three figures to be packed with (Brother Voodoo) the characters the fans chose (Constrictor). Hasbro has to (Constrictor) balance the chosen figures (Brother Voodoo) with figures good for retail (Constrictor) sales and (Brother Voodoo) consumer desire.

Amazing Bag-man could not be reached for comment.

In the Multiverse:

Black Canary still can’t move her legs to the side.


Can’t do it.

Also, some people are frustrated with DCUC at the moment.

Also I still don’t have wave 8.

Also, Mr. T. is still black.

Some things are constants.

Many first looks of new toys have been shown. They’re all pretty.

yep, that’s about the only newsworthy things that happened this week. This just means something MAJOR is going to happen next week. So be prepared. Grab your wives. Hug your kids. Clamp onto your buttocks and grit your teeth, because it’ll be fanfrickinawesomtastic. I don’t know what it is but I just sold all my stocks in preparation!

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