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New DCUC Fan Poll Choices Revealed

mattel_logo2Hey DC Fans! The latest issue of Toy Fare has revealed the newest competitors in the latest Fan Choice Poll. Who is battling for your vote?







Uncle Sam


Captain Marvel Jr.




The winner of the latest poll will get a slot in DCUC series 15 due out in late 2010. Online voting should be up soon, so keep an eye out!

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11 thoughts on “New DCUC Fan Poll Choices Revealed

  1. As much as I want Geo-Force, I have to go with Toyman… have wanted that complete Legion of Doom for far too long.

  2. Uncle Sam for me, but I hope its a modern version rather than the classic shown.

  3. Wave 15? So it’s probably the 3rd Wal-Mart exclusive wave.

    So make sure you vote for who you want least. Cause they’ll be impossible to get.

  4. Geo Force is the pick here for me, kind of as a default since the others really aren’t interesting enough. Libra would’ve been a second choice but he was pretty awful in Final Crisis.

  5. Toyman! Finally my Legion of Doom will be complete! No wait, Geo-Force! Finally my Outsiders will be complete. Give us a Green and Yellow variant!! No I want a Modern Raven!!

    Okay, I’m going with Modern Raven. But I still really want Toyman and Geoforce.

  6. That’s a crazy list. DCUC MUST make a Super Friends Toyman, a Raven, and an Uncle Sam at the very least. To know that all but one of those is more than a year and a half away is kinda of a downer.

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