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First Look – JLU SDCC Exclusive and New Six Packs

mattel_logo4We promised you more looks and this time it is a gigantic Mattel DC Justice League Unlimited round-up! We have the Green Lantern Origins SDCC set (featuring Hal Jordan from the new GL: First Flight movie) as well as two new two packs that feature some long-requested figures. Read on!

First up is the GL Origins pack. We all know the challenges that Mattel has faced in trying to bring fans a figure of Hal Jordan in the JLU style. Well at least one that isn’t limited to about 100 figures. So, with some creative design choices, we finally have one. For the most part.


The set features Sinestro and Abin Sur in their GL togs and they look right out of the JLU cartoon. Hal is a little different as he is a bit of a mix between styles of GL: First Flight and JLU and he comes in his flight suit. The cool part is that all of the heads in the set are swappable so you can put Hal’s head on a GL suit body, pretty cool! I think the effect works for the most part, though Hal does not have a mask and his neck looks a little long on the GL body, but it is cool that you can get pretty close to making a GL Hal Jordan happen.

Fans will love the effect, or they won’t. The good part is, you finally have your JLU Hal!

Green Lantern Origins


Hal Jordan


Next up are a couple of highly anticipated JLU six packs: The League United and Mutiny in the Ranks! There are several long requested heavy hitters from the show (like Tala, Supergirl and Mr. Terrific) as well as some wanted reissues like Obsidian and Elongated Man. As a big time JSA fan, I am happy to get guys like Mr. Terrific and Hourman to help fill out the ranks, even though the JSA team was not high profile in the show (for shame!). Check out the pics!

The League United





Mr. Terrific






Elongated Man


Mutiny in the Ranks



Lex Luthor




Dr. Polaris


Gentleman Ghost


Psycho Pirate


Devil Ray


*Again, thanks to Matty and Toy Guru for sending these along, we are trying to get as many fans of different lines some love this weekend. More to come!

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2 thoughts on “First Look – JLU SDCC Exclusive and New Six Packs

  1. I LOVE the thought put into these 6 packs.

    In the “Mutany in the Ranks” we get more extended Secret Society in a well thought out pack. Lex Luthor showed up again but considering the theme of the set his inclusion is a no brainer since Luthor, Tala, and Dr. Polaris was essential to the Mutany on the show. Killer Frost or Goldface would have been good picks for this set but I’m not complaining at all. We got 5 new characters in the pack (all show accurate I might add), that’s GREAT.

    “The League United” has some great characters. Mr. Terrific is well… terrific (perhaps this body or better yet Hal Jordan’s could be reused for a “Epilogue” Terry McGinnis?) and I’m actually very impressed by Hourman. The 21 year old Supergirl looks good too. I must say I don’t know what the big deal was with the teen Supergirl anyway. Sure she was shorter than the rest, but that’s because she was younger. She actually fits in very well with the other figures scale wise. With “The League United” 6 pack we’re one step closer to having a complete extended Justice League. One more six pack like this one and “Legends of the League” would help out GREATLY. Though I can’t help but feel the repainted comic accurate Elongated Man is just a waste and took away an opportunity to have one more non relased character from the extended Justice League. The same could be said about Superman but I understand why Superman was included, to attract novice buyers. At LEAST we can say Superman is SHOW ACCURATE. Anyway, here’s an idea for a 6 pack, complete with a logical Show Accurate Superman repaint to attract novice buyers, that features fan requested characters that I hope Mattel would include in future releases:

    Lava Superman (as seen in the volcano battle in “Doomsday Sanction”)
    S.T.R.I.P.E (if they can make Robotman they can make S.T.R.I.P.E.)
    The Creeper
    Johnny Thunder

    Then have the Crimson Avenger and Speedy (w/ bow and arrow) as singles. And there you’d have it a complete extended Justice League. PLEASE PLEASE Mattel, make it happen!

  2. “…I think the effect works for the most part, though Hal does not have a mask and his neck looks a little long on the GL body, but it is cool that you can get pretty close to making a GL Hal Jordan happen”
    Yeah, yeah pretty close, I see it now. It’s amazing what desperate collectors will convince themselves of. Personally, I think Parallax would have made more since for head swapping into a full GL Hal. Instead, we’re told its good enough to have half of a GL Hal. I bet if you squint your eyes his haircut will almost seem right too.

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