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New Mattel Press Images – 6/8/9

mattel_logoMatty and Toy Guru have sent along some new images of some upcoming releases from Mattel’s DC lines. Read on to check them out! 



DC Infinite Heroes: Anti-Monitor



































Justice League Unlimited: Green Lantern Origins




































































DC Universe Classics: Series 9 Wildcat (Blue Variant)





































































































7 thoughts on “New Mattel Press Images – 6/8/9

  1. Nice pics. I think I’m liking the Blue Wildcat a little better than the black. It would have been nice, though, to have one variant without the wrist wraps.

  2. Nice of Mattel to use an image of Green Lantern wearing his mask on the back of the GL Origins card. Nothing like rubbing it in, huh collectors? Can’t believe a line called “Justice League Unlimited” can’t include one of the FOUNDING MEMBERS. Weak.

  3. “No Movie Masters news?”

    Nope. Haven’t you heard? The line is cancelled.

  4. An I seeing things or does the Anti-Monitor have a huge gaping pie-hole for a mouth?

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