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Secret Identities – AREZ



I ask fwooshmembers questions.


They answer them.


AREZ "148 and counting."

What is the name "AREZ"?

Where do you live?

Long Island, New York.

Where do you work?
I work at a Middle School with grades 7th and 8th and in an After School Program.

Who is in your family?

My wife, my daughter and my baby boy.

Do the babies play with your action figures?

No they don’t. My daughter totally likes my collection. Since she started walking I taught her that the collection is Daddy’s collection and for display only. She knows the names of most DC and MARVEL superheroes. She calls herself Supergirl.

Do you know any fwooshers in real life? Have you ever met a fwoosher?

I only know Long Island NY, but not in person. I have met another one a while back when the FO Marvel Legends first came out I think his Fwoosher name is "The Juggernaut".

Any pets?
No, my daughter wants a puppy, but really have to think about it. I don’t like the idea of cleaning up after any pet.

What are your future plans?

Honestly, I have so many future plans, but with this economic crisis that has hit us I can only let time tell if I will accomplish them.

What do you do outside of fwoosh?

I’ve always been interested on the Martial Arts. My father was my teacher when I was younger. He was once called by his cousin “the Next Bruce Lee” back in Guatemala. That’s how good he was then and he still is. He got me into Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies, I knew Chan way before he became famous here in the States. I learned enough to defend myself. When I came here to the U.S. I went to a Karate Academy. I stopped going, first because I went full time to college and second I was also working full time.

How did you get started customizing?

I remember when I was back in the country I grew up, I had old vintage Fisher Price and TONKA action figures. So I used to paint them with markers, old Testors paints, you name it. Then I stopped because I ran out of figures…LOL!

How did you get started customizing here?

I found by accident one day and from there I found the link to the Fwoosh. I liked the work done by DoubleDealer, Magnuz, JinSaotome, Zombihamma, and Pairadocs. There are a couple more, but I have forgotten their names because I haven’t seen anything from them anymore. Then I thought that I could do it, too. So I made my very first Marvel Legends custom on 2003. It was Grendel Prime. It wasn’t that COOL, so then a couple of years later I fixed him.

Grendel V1 and V2 


How many customs have you made?
148 and counting.

Do you have a certain process you go through from choosing what to make and
then how to make it?

Well. I just think of a superhero that I like and I take it from there. First, I think of a good base then start getting the fodder I will use. I’m not GOOD at sculpting, so I mostly use parts to make my customs. The first thing I’ve ever sculpted was the second Snake Eyes’ visor I made, but since then I just sculpt little things on the custom figures I make.

What is the fastest custom you have ever made?
There has been a couple of them, the first one was a DCUC NIGHTWING I made for a contest and the most recently was my own version of SINESTRO.

What music do you listen to while customizing?
WOW, great question! I listen mainly to Metallica, Megadeth, KORN, basically the KICK ASS bands that make me bang my head. But now I only listen to them on my Ipod.

Do you sell them?
Yes, I do. Otherwise I couldn’t get the money to buy my growing collection.

Where do you get your fodder?
Anywhere, I get it here at the fwoosh, e-bay, toy stores & even a Comic BookShop Store where they sale loose figures.

What do you think the future of 6 inch action figures will be?

Well, since I found out that HASBRO took over Marvel Legends I have been very selective with the HML figures I buy. DCUC series has bought me. I used to be more of a MARVEL FAN, but ever since DCUC came out, I dig them better than ML by HASBRO. I hope they keep making 6" figures, I think the demand for this size is a lot, compared to any other size. But I think time will tell if they will keep making them.

Are you going to change all the pictures in your gallery since the new software
prevents old pictures to be shown?

It will be A PAIN IN THE REAR END, and I barely have time to make customs that I will have to think about it.

You are known for your bold faced posts with multiple exclamation points.
Could you give us an example here:

JCL a.k.a AREZ!!!

Do you cook?
I used to cook, but since I got married I only cook occasionally.

What is in your collection?
MEZCO, SOTA and many more. Basically, I buy any figure that I like.

I recently got into collecting Japanese imports even though I hated little figures, but I really dig the ones I got. Some I got from fwooshers, others from a member from FANtastic Exclusive Forum and some I have bought from other sites.

Who is your favorite character from Marvel? DC?

My favorite MARVEL character is SPIDERMAN and a couple more. On DC side I will have to say BATMAN even though I hated him beforehand some others.

Where do you vacation? Where would you like to vacation?

Ever since I have been here in the U.S. I always wanted to go to DISNEY, but every time we make plans, for some reason something happens and I have to cancel them. We will eventually go there.

What other sites do you visit?
I visit The Toy Soup, Figure Realm, FANtastic Exclusive Forum,, Toymania, many more.

What do you spend your money?
Mostly in Action Figures & toys for my babies.

What is wrong with you?


Thanks AREZ! 

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