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Marvel Top Ten Results – Fall ’08

{mosimage}You have been waiting so long, you may have forgotten you were even waiting!  It seems that there has been some confusion amongst the Fwoosh staff.  By the time anyone realized that this write up was two months late, Ray had long since fled the country. I’m told he is currently living comfortably in the Grand Caymans, supporting himself by scalping DCUC 5 product samples supplied to Fwoosh for review by Mattel.  When, naturally, everyone turned to SamuRon to pick up the slack, he gave his knee-jerk answer for everything, “Not my job.  Talk to Robo.”  Unfortunately, Robo was under the misguided impression that he was a “lame duck” and thought he could just wait until the new Fwoosh Admins took over and leave it all for them to sort out.

But, finally, here it is.  Because you demanded it!  The results of our most recent Fwoosh Official Marvel Legends Top Ten poll!

(Note: Many kittens died to bring you this information.)

My fellow Fwooshians, you are a stubborn bunch.  You know who you want and gosh durn it, you won’t be swayed!  That is to say, there isn’t a whole lot of news to report with these results.  Ares placed third last time, and subsequently Hasbro has delivered you a very well received Build-a-Figure of this old character that has recently enjoyed a newfound popularity in the comics.  That left his 53 votes up for grabs.  But as you’ll see, that didn’t really change the landscape.

Our Top Ten is virtually unchanged.  But perhaps that’s due to Hasbro stubbornly refusing to make the characters we want?

1 [74 votes]  Topping the poll once again was Polaris.  She got 74 votes.  You may remember Polaris from our last Top Ten (spring ’08), where she was the winner with…74 votes.  You may not remember that she also won the fall ’07 Top Ten with…74 votes.  Who are you 74 people, and why will you not be swayed from your quest?!?  In any case, Polaris has won, or placed in the top 3 of our poll, as far back as I can find (going back 3 years).  Hasbro, will you please give us this final piece of our Cockrum X-Men?

2 [59 votes]  Second is another returning female.  Miss Jean Grey.  Miss Grey also placed second last time out, and has been in the top three about as long as Polaris.  Now, Hasbro did give us a Bronze Age Marvel Girl in the Wal Mart exclusive two-packs last year, but I think it’s safe to say that the preponderance of people voting for her want the Jim Lee version, ugly as it is (*dodges tomatoes*), to complete their ‘90’s team of X-Men.

3 [ tie; 49 votes each]  Speaking of Jim Lee X-Men…

49 persons will be Jubilant to hear that Jubilee tied for the # 3 spot vacated by Ares.  Jubilee broke into our Top Ten polling about a year ago, rising to the 5th spot last time and now places third, completing a triumvirate of X-Women at the top of the current list.  Many will point out that she was indeed a part of the Jim Lee X-Men in the comics, but I think you only like her because you know her from the cartoon!  Quit trying to co-opt my line!

Tied for the #3 spot is Ultron.  Ultron tied with Jubilee for the #5 spot last time.  He must be getting pretty sick of her interfering with his plans for domination.

The list I have doesn’t delineate style or era, so I’m assuming you guys all want the video game version, right?

5 [43 votes]  The Enchantress.

Enchantress came in at #5 last time as well, tied with Jubilee and Ultron.  So, that means our top five is virtually unchanged since last spring.

6 [42 votes]  Gladiator rises from the #9 spot up to #6 even though he actually had five fewer votes this time around.  I’m actually a little surprised he didn’t place higher because his fans are very vocal around the boards.  Those fans should take heart though.  It’s this writer’s opinion that, of the characters in our Ten thus far, Gladiator has the best chance of being made.  Not a female?  Check.  Not been done before?  Check.  Toyetic look? Check.  Only time will tell, but my guess is that if Marvel Legends continues single pack waves in ’09 he has a great chance to be made.

7 [tie; 40 votes each]  So many ties; maybe we need to recanvass some of these ballots!

Terrax the Tamer, second best known herald of Galactus, and Valkyrie.

Terrax is another character that has been hanging around our Top Ten for some time.  While he narrowly missed the cut last time, he had been as high as #5 before that.  Now he’s back.  Valkyrie sees a slight rise in her placing from a tie for the #10 spot last time, even though she actually got five fewer votes.  Most of us will remember that Valkyrie was very nearly included in the Fin Fang Foom wave this year, even making it far enough along to get a painted prototype.  Hopefully Hasbro will follow through and bring this highly sought character to the shelves.


9 [39 votes]  Crimson Dynamo.  Another fairly static result.  He was #8 last time, #9 now.  Why this character has yet to see a Marvel Legend figure is beyond me.  He is a primary Iron Man villain in cool armor.  I’m not sure if Hasbro is aware, but Iron Man had a successful movie out recently.  However, Paul McCartney informs me that the Crimson Dynamo just can’t cut it no more.  So, I guess he only rates a Superhero Squad version.

10 [38 votes]  Coming in at #10 is Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man.  And, no surprise, that’s where he was before; at #10.  Either you guys are uber predictable, or Hasbro needs to get on the stick and fork over your wanteds.

BaF [26 votes]  Finally, we come to the Build-a-Figure.  The Inhmans’ faithful Lockjaw has had his jaws locked on the top spot for two polls running.  Could he hold onto the top spot once again?  Oh, why even bother trying to build the suspense?  It’s Lockjaw again.  It was slightly closer this time though, as Lockjaw inched ahead of Nimrod by only four votes.

Aside from Ares, the only other real change in our Top Ten is the absence of Winter Soldier.  It seems as though his abandoning of that identity in the comics may have lessened the enthusiasm for that figure just enough to keep him out of the Top Ten.  It may be worth noting that the votes for Winter Soldier combined with the votes for the New Captain America were equal to that of Madrox (38).  So the demand for this character, in some form or another, is still there.

It occurs to me that half of our Top Ten are X-related.  Seems the mutants are still the Marvel Universe’s most popular citizens, after all these years.  Maybe Hasbro can knock out an X-themed wave next year with Polaris, Jean Grey, Gladiator, Madrox, and a Jubilee BaF?  Now that would really change the content of our next Top Ten.

There were a total of 2,008 votes this time around (no relation to the year of the same name).  That is a modest decrease from the spring voting.  I think it’s possible there has been a slight dampening of enthusiasm for this poll because there was such a long time with no product, resulting in rumors of the line’s demise coupled with the fact that, as we see above, most people found themselves voting for the same choices they made the last time out.  I think people get tired of voting for the same characters over and over and over.  So come on Hasbro let’s get moving on that Ultron!

Note: full results to follow shortly.

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