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DC Universe Classics Polls – Seven Soldiers and New Gods

dcuc.gifWe are back with three more polls for you to sink your teeth in. You voted through thrity New Gods characters last time, now you need to pick an overall winner, and the Seven Soldiers of Victory have joined the fray as well.

Thrity entered, now only ten remain. The best (or at least the most popular) of the New Gods are left for you to choose an overall victor. Apokoliptians and New Genesites alike have made it to this last poll, so you must choose, but choose wisely.

Joining them in vying for your votes are the members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory! That is right, we have members of the original incarnation of the team as well as the most recent Grant Morrison-penned team. Time for you to decide on the Soldiers of yesterday and today. We will run the two preliminary polls this week and then go right into the final next. So, make your voice heard and read all about it as SDMike has done all of your research for you!


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