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I ask fwooshmembers questions.


They answer them.


Hagop9 " I’ve had so many toys."

Where are you from?

I mostly grew up in California. I wasn’t born there, but I lived there for about 16 of my first 24 years on Earth.

Where do you live?

New York City, in the borough of Queens. I’ve lived in New York ten years, but I just moved to this apartment about a month ago.

Living in New York are you constantly invited to orgy parties?

Sadly, no. Probably because I’m too old. I had my share of orgy parties as a theater student though.

Do you train it everywhere and bike it in the summer?

I train or walk it everywhere. I don’t own a bike.

Where do you work?

Currently I’m unemployed. But I begin rehearsals for a new job in a few weeks. As for "where", rehearsals will take place on 42nd street near Times Square.

How long have you been acting? How did you start?

I did my first play when I was about 9. I grew up in a town that had a pretty decent professional theater, and they sometimes needed kids for various shows. I did a bunch of plays there, and at community theaters. I don’t remember a particular moment when I thought, "I want to be an actor"; it just seemed to happen. By the time I was in high school, it was just understood that’s what I wanted to do. I majored in theatre in college. After graduation I had my first “professional” contract. Then I went to graduate school and got some more intensive conservatory training. When I finished there, I moved to New York and my professional career, such as it is, began.

How can you be an actor but at the same time be shy?

Am I shy? I don’t know. If you’re asking in a general sense, I think that is something you see very often with actors. When you’re acting, you’re focusing on the character’s intentions moment to moment. There’s no opportunity to be self-conscious because you’re ‘distracted’, if you will, by the activity you’re trying to accomplish in the performance. So you see a lot actors that, when they aren’t performing, are actually shy or introverted when they don’t have a script that tells them what to do. Of course there are plenty of extroverted, obnoxious actors too.

Out of the 3 act story which is your favorite part?

Well, in a five act structure, the third act is always the most exciting. Its where everything "happens". Generally, the middle of any story is the where the climax is, so in a 3 act story, I guess the 2nd act is usually my favorite.

What are some of the odd jobs you do in between gigs for money?

I wish I had some really ker-azeee things to tell you. When I first moved to New York, I waited tables. That didn’t last long, thank god. I do catering jobs once in a blue moon. Mostly I’ve been an office temp. It’s interesting. I actually learned a lot about the world that I might never have. Through temping, I’ve gotten to see inside so many different industries; the worlds of high finance, marketing, advertising, real estate, architecture, fashion, media….on and on. Anyway, thankfully I don’t have to do temp work so much anymore. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

When you buy stocks of companies that have maybe less than green footprints? Do you research that aspect of it?

I don’t really take social issues into account when picking stocks. I think that’s kind of an oxy-moron. Actually, I do almost no research at all. I just get a hunch on a company based on very little data or rational thought. But I spend very little money on stocks, so its not like I’m risking much.

Your family owns an orange grove…? or similar and supplies
you with an annual dividend? Does that mean you have to
return and work for them?

LOL. Whoa—you must be really diving into the Fwoosh archives. I don’t ever remember talking about that. Let me set it straight though. My father’s family owns vineyards in California’s central valley that go back to my great grandfather. They produce mostly raisins, although some of the yield go for specialty wines. I did work on the ranch in the summers when I was a teen ager. You could say I have benefitted in an indirect way; it was my Grandfather’s means of income, and while it wasn’t my father’s (he was a produce broker), it supplied him with some extra money that let me go to college, etc. But I don’t have a financial stake. The ranch doesn’t make a tremendous amount of money these days to begin with, and since my father passed away several years ago, the ranch is owned and run entirely by my uncle. So I have no personal interest in it at all. I WISH I got an annual dividend. That would be awesome!

How long does it take to bear fruit if you are an orange tree?

Well if you were a grapevine, it would take only a couple of years. But it partly depends on where you’re growing them.

Do you drink orange juice with a discriminate mind, as if you were
tasting wine?

Actually, I can be pretty picky about produce. My father was a produce broker, so I learned a lot about how to pick good fruits and vegetables. And I got to see and taste a lot of produce straight from the field, so I have a sense of what it should look and taste like. Since I’ve moved to New York City, my bar has lowered significantly. Produce here is almost universally horrible.

Who is your favorite actor? 

That’s so hard. I like so many different actors for so many different reasons. I think some of the best actors are people that I’ve worked with that aren’t famous. If you make me pick, I guess I’d say Cary Grant. As famous as he is, his talent is still underrated. He was amazing.

Who is the sexiest actress?

My girlfriend, of course. But aside from her…of all time? There’s no question—Natalie Wood. Grace Kelly comes in second. If you’re talking current actresses…? I change with the winds. Maybe Audrey Tatou.

Did you like "Amelie"? Specifically the soundtrack?

I loved Amelie, but its been so long since I saw it that I don’t really remember the soundtrack.

Do you read plays and speak latin and read the
page three section of the local free newpaper?

2 out of 3.

I like the Dan Savage and the political cartoons.

Me too. “Ask a Mexican” is great too. But sadly the Voice has gone waay downhill in the last couple of years since they were bought out. I love This Modern World, but when it’s the best thing in the Voice? That’s not a good sign. And yes, Dan Savage is rad. Santorum—brilliant!


Who from fwoosh have you met?

A lot of the New Yorkers. b0b33z3r, GrownNerd, Kastor, Simun, ig44, leavit…I met a few others at the last NY Fwooshering, but I can’t remember their screen names. I remember their customs though!
Oh, and I met SamuRon at New York Comic Con.

Any pets?
Two cats.

Which month is your favorite?

April. To me, April is the begining of the new year. Its the dawn of spring, baseball….also my birthday is in April.

What are your future plans?

Make enough money to retire to South America a la “Night of the Iguana”.

Do you customize?

How come you don’t sport a thread in the custom gallery?

Well, I never had a decent camera. Since I finally purchased a camera, I haven’t finished a good custom. So the next good custom I finish, I will probably start a thread in the gallery.

Do you cook?
Not really.

What is in your collection?

Marvel Legends, DC Universe Classics, and some DC Direct which is being replaced by DCUC through attrition.
I used to have an enormous amount of older stuff (some since childhood) but I have sold it all on eBay. All that remains from that are my Megos, ROM, Voltron, and a few Famous Covers figures.

Where do you vacation? Where would you like to vacation?

Last year I went to London. That was great. My girlfriend and I would like to take a vacation, but I don’t know when we can go. Probably not for a while. I think we’re deciding between Greece and Thailand.
What other sites do you visit?

New York Times


What is your most memorable toy? and why?

I’ve had so many toys. But I think ROM is the most memorable. He’s just so unique.

Do you belong to any other groups outside of fwoosh?

What kind of groups do you mean?

I mean the type of uncontrolled indulgence of revelry-type group.
Like when you were in theatre class.

Ah, I see. No, that’s really more the L.A. scene. In any case, I’m too old for that. I can’t recover the next day like I used to.

What do you spend your money on?

Rent. Whatever is left goes to food, and whatever is left after that goes to toys.

What does your girlfriend think of all this fwoosh?
She’s only discovered how much I fwoosh since we moved in together. I’m not sure what she thinks of it.

What is wrong with you?
I wish I knew.

Thanks Hagop!


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