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DC Universe Classics: SDCC 2008 Lobo

dcuc.gifWelcome to the official Fwoosh DC Universe Classics Release Guide. In this topic you will find complete and accurate (to the best of our abilities) information on every character in every series of DCUC. We will feature release dates, figure information (including variant information, accessories, points of articulation and sculptors), and pictures. We hope that this will be a good resource to current fans of the line, potential converts and anyone wanting some background information on DC’s World’s Greatest Superheroes and Villains.

We will continue to update this thread as new information and series are released so check back often. Please remember: this guide is for YOU so if you have any questions, comments or condemnations let us know.

SDCC 2008 EXCLUSIVE (July 2008)









Biography: Lobo is the best tracker in the universe, and wields a huge variety of guns and weapons, including his favorite: a long, heavy chain with a sharp hook at the end.

    -First Appearance:
Omega Men #3 (June 1983)
    -Real Name: Unpronounceable
    -Occupation: Bounty Hunter and Contract Killer
    -Base of Operations: Mobile
    -Special Abilities: Immense super human strength, virtually invulnerable, agility, speed, stamina, able to recover from almost any wound or injury.
    -Points of Articulation: 25 POA
    -Accessories: Gun, Big Gun, Hook and Chain, 3-D Specs, 3-D Specs (for you), Dawg, Display Base
    -Sculptor: Four Horsemen


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