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Try as they might, the Four Horsemen weren’t able to get the dark overlord, Scarabus, from their Gothitropolis property produced in time for the 2008 San Diego Comic Con. But Scarabus’ evil minions, the Time Keepers, wouldn’t miss the chance to wreak havoc on the event!

 That doesn’t mean that fan-chosen Scarabus is completely out of the picture. Production on Scarabus will begin soon, and the Horsemen expect to be able to release him in the 4th quarter of 2008. Scarabus is just stepping back to let his little underlings, the Time Keepers, share the spotlight for a while.

 Three different versions of Gothitropolis’ Time Keepers will be on sale at the Four Horsemens’ booth at Comic Con for a mere $10.00 each. Even better, you can purchase the whole set of three for only $25.00!

 The three versions of Time Keepers on sale at the San Diego Comic Con will be: the red messenger of malice: Baraeth, the blue harbinger of hallucinations: Nybbaz, and the golden emissary of avarice: Aestorath!

 Less than 350 of each version will be available for immediate purchase at Comic Con, and it’ll be a few weeks later before the remainder of the production run is available through the Four Horsemens’ online outlet, Store Horsemen (

 Be the first in your neighborhood to have your own little trio of demonic playmates! Stop by booth #4045 at the San Diego Comic Con (July 23rd-27th) to get yours!

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