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CC20: Masters of Power

Vidmouse customs is pleased again to present figures for order at
CustomCon XX!  This latest offering has its roots from the Masters of
the Universe action figure line.  "Masters of Power"  amps up He-Man,
She-ra (and eventually, others) to ultimate battle-readiness!  Take one
home today!  (or buy the duo-pack!)





ickname:  Vidmouse
email:  [email protected]
name of line:  Masters of the Power

He-Man is made from a MoTU Four-Horsemen He-Man figure, with a LCBH Conan wolf-fur cape added.

She-Ra is made from a Spawn Angela figure, with winged head trimmed
back, hair sculpted from apoxie, and cloth added for cape and skirt.
 Apoxie sculpt was also added to make her abdomen plate, as well as to
form her right boot.  Very hard to work from the original Angela
figure, as the sculpt was close, but had some oddities.



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