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CC20: Fatal Five


The 30th century’s deadliest criminals were banded together by the Legion of Superheroes in order to help defeat the Sun Eater. In the end, the Fatal Five consisting of Tharok, the Emerald Empress, the Persuader, Mano, and Validus became the Legion’s arch nemesis.



Half man, half machine, this evil genius is the leader of the Fatal Five. He is the only one who can control Validus.

Emerald Empress with light up "Eye of Ekron" feature

Discovering the mystical and legendary “Eye of Ekron”, the Emerald Empress uses its limitless power for evil and to rule the galaxy.


A man who possesses an “anti-matter touch”; destruction is in the palm of his hand.


This murderous criminal wields the so called Atomic Axe which can cut through any known matter or even energy.

Validus with blinking light up brain feature

A monster with a brain of a child, Validus can project lightning from his brain. He is also invulnerable and possess super strength. Validus is actually the child of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl who was  abducted by Darkseid as a baby, sent back in time, and transformed into the powerful super-villain.



  • Tharok

Base figure is Mcfarlane Spider Man Classics with resculpted Deathlok head
Left arm and left leg is from LCBH Judge Death
Left hand and left foot is from ML Dr. Doom
Right hand is from ML Silver Surfer
Cyborg parts are sculpted,
Beefed up muscles with Apoxie Sculpt
Belt is from ML Sinister Cape

  • Emerald Empress

Base figure is HML White Queen with DCSH Blue Supergirl head
Thickened up the waist, thighs, and breasts with apoxie sculpt
Arms and hands are from HML FF Invisible Woman
Sleeves and other costume details are sculpted
Collar is from ML Longshot
Gems are beads
Light up “The Eye of Ekron” is a translucent plastic ball connected to a mini LED lamp.

  • Mano

Base figure is ML Sinister Six Elektro with SMC Daredevil head.
Bulked up the base figure with apoxie sculpt
Arm band is sculpted
Helmet is plastic domes and hose from ML Pyro’s fire pack.

  • Persuader

Base figure is ML Sentry with MLFO Punisher head
Helmet is epoxy putty with  ML War Machine face plate
Hands are from ML Loki
Glove and boot cuffs are sculpted
Rivets are from ML Black Widow’s bracelet
Axe is from a Xena figure

  • Validus

Base figure is 13 inch Rotocast Venom
Head is modified and new face is sculpted
Brain is silicon; plastic dome is from a lollipop cover
Arm accessories are sculpted with attaching rubber wire tubing.

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