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SOTA Toys at the San Diego Comic Con

Sota Toys sends out word of the following:

Comic Con is just around the corner and SOTA Toys is getting ready! Well, we’ve got all our exclusives planned and we’ll be giving EVERYONE a chance to get them, not just the people who go to the Con!

We have a slew of exclusives planned for this year. First, the much anticipated Street Fighter Revolutions will be very close to ready. In celebration of that we’ll have sneak peak exclusives. We are offering two exclusive for Revolutions. One is the Pink R. Mika – Green Zangief two pack. The second will be our Dark Dhalsim – Black E. Honda two pack. These two packs are limited to 500 pieces each will and will be on sale for $30.

We also plan on having a very special Turbo Sagat Statue! The Turbo Sagat features blue shorts with a red stripe. This formidable fighter will sell for $100 and only 100 will be available world wide! This is the first time our Sagat statues will be available and the only time this Con Exclusive "Turbo" paint scheme will be available.

Here’s the plan. We will be putting all of our exclusives up for pre-order on our website . So now, you will also be able to purchase the pieces with out even going to the Con! Our exclusives will go up for Pre-Sale on Tuesday, June 17th. We will be shipping all pre-orders AFTER the Con.

Pre-ordered items will NOT be available for pick up at the con. The pre-ordering of our exclusives will end on Monday July 21st. Also, if you plan on canceling your order please do so before Monday July 21st.


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